Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku Stage 15

We can has chapter 15 now?

After much ado (there wasn’t any ado at all!) and a grueling wait (wait, didn’t we release chapter 14 not too long ago!?) I come bearing a GIFT! Of Evangelion – The Records of Heaven’s Descent (God, how I hate that name. Descent? Seriously? Couldn’t it be FALL instead? That sounds so much cooler, doesn’t it? “The Records of Heaven’s Fall. Yeeaaahhhh. Nice. Wait, isn’t that synonymous with “Apocalypse”? OH SHI- IT WAS AN ERROR CAUSED BY MY YOUTHFUL INEXPERIENCE, SHUT UP) chapter 15! Download it! Read it! LOVE IT.

Download Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku Stage 15

Making up for lost time

A promise of EPIC things to come

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi thing was a flop.
We haven’t released anything in over a month.
So why are you guys still hanging around here!?

Well, I’m in no mood to burst any bubbles, so here, have a fairly massive release. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME, WE’RE RELEASING STUFF. A LOT OF STUFF. Okay, so it’s not a lot… but it’s a start.

Slayers Revolution chapter 06 – The Downward-Swinging Blade (end)
Slayers Evolution-R chapter 01 – Daybreak and Intrigue (continuation of Slayers Revolution)
Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku Stage 14
Barajou no Kiss Punishment 02 – The Embarrassing Morning
Doujinshi – Final Fantasy VII – Let’s go to School

Download at will! And for those of you interested, Slayers Revolution features some minor changes to the anime story, mostly based around character designs and a new scene, again, not in the anime. In Evolution-R, Hyouju-sensei changed his art style somewhat, so Lina’s a lot less…. well, fugly. xD (I know that was holding some people back from reading it, but IT’S SERIOUSLY SO AWESOME.)