Slayers Evolution-R chapter 2

What's this!? BONDAGE!? IN MY SLAYERS?
Bondage!? In MY Slayers!? It’s more likely than you think!

I come bearing the newest chapter of Slayers Evolution! Okay, okay, so I probably should have had this out at least a week ago (as I promised some fans who emailed me ;_;) – sorry! But hey. At least it’s out before the new episode airs today, huh?

On that note, this is VERSION ONE of the chapter. Version two will be coming later this evening (after I come home from work). Melly didn’t get a chance to Quality check the whole chapter this morning before she went to work, but I gave it a few read-overs, deemed it GOOD ENOUGH, and decided to release it right now. She’ll go over it again when she comes home, and then I’ll release a version two with…. TRANSLATION NOTES, YEAH, especially concerning the Dark Lord’s Urn, which some people were confused about. YES, it references Hellmaster Phibrizzo – sort of. “Dark Lord” and “Hellmaster” use the same Kanji – “冥王” or “Mei-oh”, which translates to “Dark Lord”. However, when Mei-Oh is used to DIRECTLY reference Hellmaster, the text will specifically spell out “Hellmaster” as opposed to “Dark Lord”. It’s difficult to explain, but that’s about the gist of it.


Download Slayers Evolution-R chapter 02 – The Merchant City, up in Flames