Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord vol6ch31 [END]

Suddenly, quality! We’ll miss you, Aqua Lad.

And so, we bid a fond farewell to our longest-running series, the one which has incurred the most wrath and confused feelings affection from our staff, Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord. So, how was it? Did it make you laugh? D’aw? DID IT MAKE YOU RAEG!? Either way, we hope you enjoyed it.

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See you next time, with SLAYERS!

Slayers Knight of Aqualord ch 30 (Penultimate!)

Lyos has a heart-to-heart with his other self… I’m sorry, did I say “heart-to-heart”? I meant he’s reduced to a sobbing ball of ANGST by his other self. Oh well, semantics.

We this, we reach the second-to-last chapter of Aqua La… er, Aqua Lord… LET’S TAKE A LOOK INSIDE THE MIND OF THE DAMAGED GOODS LABELED “LYOS,” SHALL WE? =D Seriously though, enjoy. AND HYPE YOURSELF UP FOR THE FINAL CHAPTER!

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Slayers Knight of Aqua Lord v6 ch29

Lina goes WOOSH! And according to Melly, Hureika!Lyos is manlier than regular Lyos. Lawl.

The newest chapter! For… YOOOUUUU! Oh yeah, sorry about the delay, all. Aion’s a bitch to drag myself away from. =\ But we’ve got a few releases lined up on the backburner, so we’ll be coming back into gear pretty soon here! (Oh, and we need editors. Go post on the forum 5 times and take the test!)

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Slayers KoAL vol6ch28

I hope you guys have figured out by this point that I have a massive hard-on for Fanan. And you would, too, IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YA.

We’re pulling closer to the climax of the series, guys and gals! Are you ready for it? WELL, ARE YA? Stay tuned for all this and more in the next episode of AQUA LAD Z!

Wait. Wrong series. OR IS IT!?

Download Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord vol 2ch28 – “Beginning of the End-game”

Hmm, that’s weird, I could have sworn there was something else we were supposed to release today….

Slayers KoAL v6ch27

What’s that in the sky!? down below!? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s- Eeeh, what do you guys care? You were just a hair away from a tentacle spectacle. (lawl)

A new chapter of Aqua Lord for your reading pleasure! This being our first foray into volume 6 territory, the file size is bound to be a tad on the OBTUSE side, but, eh, you want the pretty color pictures, don’t you? Of course you do, don’t give me that. And with this, just a handful of chapters left before we complete the series… *duh duh DUHHH*

Download Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord Vol 6 ch 27 – A Power Unleashed

Oh, and a quick correction! In the mega release I accidentally credited Tom as the editor for chapters 25 and 26 when it should have been Shade who did them… T_T I humbly beg your forgiveness, mai waifu! Also, everybody go buy her a drink – it’s her birthday! (Er, well, the day before yesterday, anyway… BUT STILL.)