Kaede’s becoming the comic relief of the series. Awesome thing, or awesome-est thing? YOU DECIDE.

I don’t know what it is about this room, but it makes my fingers still and degrades my clicky-clacky skillz to clicky…. clacky… skills. (Note the lack of Z. This is not a good thing.) Welcome to Tuesday, readers.

For this week’s installment, we, unfortunately, dropped the ball on SLH. No new chapter for you this week…. But you DO get some Barajou! Three cheers for Shinigami at the editing controls (she’s pretty bad-ass with them), and Melfra for her QCing…. Bomb-diggity-ness. Download, and enjoy! (Barajou is, quite frankly, at its best when the OT3 is up to their usual hijinks, which this chapter is CHOCK FULL of. Hurray!)

Download Barajou no Kiss ch. 21 – A Fabulous Vacation at the Tenjoh Household
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I’ll also take this opportunity to remind everyone that there is a 24-hour waiting period before these chapters can be uploaded to other sites. Ideally we’d rather you not at all, so we can get the series off the web in case the author asks us to take them down, but on a more practical note, this is so we have time to release a version 2 if there are any errors in version 1. It’s logical. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy (and to avoid a fiasco like chapter 20), just do it.

Slayers: Light Magic (End), Barajou no Kiss ch. 20

This is how you will always remember Light. Always.

So, last week we had some minor hiccups or some such and never really got around to releasing. Sorry, that was all kind of my fault. BUT. WE HAVE RELEASES TO MAKE UP FOR IT. Gosh-darnit, I’m so happy, I’m skipping around in my skivvies. No one wants that mental image, though, so let’s move on.

First up, we say goodbye to Slayers: Light Magic. It was banal at times, cliche at others, but, hell, I had a ton of fun reading it, and I hope you guys did, too. Now let the speculation on whose alternate form Light was begin! (I’ve got my own thoughts, but let’s take that to the comment section. xP) Edited by the peerless Tom the Mighty, typeset by the fearless Zippy, and QC’d by the hapless Melfra and Clov3r. YOU GUYS RAWK.

Download Slayers: Light Magic ch. 9: A Dazzling Future (END)
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And next, Barajou! Good gravy, this one took a while to get out. Sorry ’bout that, folks. Since volume 6 is set to release at the end of November, I think we can crank up the pace on this a little bit. =P For now, enjoy the company of Rhodecia. Good lawdy, I love those bastards to bits and pieces.

Download Barajou no Kiss ch. 20: Shooting Star
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See you all next week! And I think I’m liking this Tuesday schedule thing. (We usually released late Monday night anyway, so maybe it’s not that big of a difference, lawl.)

Barajou no kiss… DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Mikage has her troll face on.

We would have had 18 out last week, but then a derpy copy of 19 showed up, so we couldn’t very well subjugate you all to a chapter out of context, could we? So here’s TWO chapters at once, as a reward for your patience! You, uh… You DID wait to read 19 until 18 was out, right? RIGHT? Because that chapter KILLS anything 18 builds up to out of context. BUT JUST SAYIN’.

Ch. 18 was edited by Shinigami and Melly pulled OMEGAS double-duty on ch. 19 with scanning, editing, AND QC, with Grover leading the charge with guns blazing ALSO on QC! (for both chapters, of course) THAT’S TEAMWORK RIGHT THERE. Typesetting and translation by yours truly, but that’s the easy part so it doesn’t count.

Download Barajou no Kiss ch. 18 + 19
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Monday Release – Barajou ch. 17, Eva Datenroku ch. 21

The Joker’s got nothin’ on this Raep Face.

Through some large-scale disaster, be it natural or cosmic, it’s Monday again and we’re here with a new batch of releases for your reading pleasure. Unfortunately, the gore wasn’t a go for today. Believe me, I’m just as sad, if not sadder than the rest of you. Delicious Mebius… Next week, p’raps.

Anyway! This week it’s chapter 17 of Barajou no Kiss, featuring the editing stylings of Shinigami and QC by Melfra and Clov3r; and chapter 21 of Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku (ONLY ONE LEFT!) editing magic worked by RainStride and featuring return appearances by Melfra and Clov3r at QC, so go grab ’em while they’re hawt.

Btw, while we’re on the topic, stop trying to direct-link to the zips on our server, m’kay? It won’t work, and it makes you look silly.

Barajou ch. 16 and SLH ch. 6… A DAY LATE!

404. They do NOT got the beat.

Ho ho ho ho. Heh.

Aw, I got nothin’.

Anyway, Melly and I got caught up with yard work for pretty much the entirety of yesterday, so neither of us were able to post the day’s releases. BUT NOW WE GOT ‘EM. This one’s for you, Shouoto fans.

FIRST UP, SLH. This is the one where literally half the team (and everyone working on it, har har) flipped their shit cheering for Hiyoki. WHY!? Read it and find out! Thanks to Shae and Shinigami for editing, Zippy for typesetting, and Melfra and Clover as always for catching all my derk-ups. (har har) AND special thanks to Dynamint at LJ for helping me understand Yamashina’s hellacious equation.
Download/Read S.L.H. Room #6 online

And here’s a guest credits page by Clover, and HOGOD THAT’S THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER–KALSKDJF;LAKSJDF;

And this chapter of Barajou should tell you why the two new members of the cast and crew AREN’T members of the harem. Oh, wait. That comes next chapter. BAH, THIS IS CLOSE ENOUGH. Anyway! Thanks to Shinigami for editing (lawl, again), Baki for typesetting, HUGE props to Zippy for helping me finish up in time for the deadline (even though we didn’t make it anyway OTL), and Melly and Clover for pointing out my shortcomings. DERP DERP

Download/Read Barajou no Kiss ch. 16 – The Fake Rose online

And that’s it for next week. STAY TUNED NEXT TIME FOR GORE! I hope.