Mebius Gear ch. 8: Slicing and dicing in the name of love

Kirika is my queen.

Mebius Gear ch. 08:
“The Iron Rule”

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Mebius has always been something of a contentious series among us turtles. Half of the group loves it, the other half hates it with a burning passion. Personally, I appreciate it because it’s more adult (in language and content) than our other series, so it provides a nice bit of respite from the fluff, and it helps that I can go hog wild with the writing… That, and Maria is an ice queen, and Kirika is a badass. Helps that I enjoy watching Shizuma getting the business end of a stick time and again, too. =D)

And enough about that! This release was brought to you by Kaori on typesetting duty, Sakana-san at the editing helm, Melfra on scanning duty, and yours truly translating.

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In other news, we’ve decided that new releases will be on Wednesdays and Sundays. Keep an eye out for a brand-spanking new series this Sunday! (Shoujo fans, rejoice!)

Mysterious tailors, precocious robot lolis, and a… botanist? What?

When I think about the time we spent on haitus, few things make me sadder than Tsukuroiya. It’s a charming as hell episodic story with precious hi-jinks and general feel-good moments in every chapter, one-off character that you can somehow CARE about and… Ugh, it deserved sooo much better than the treatment we gave it. It’s some kind of miracle that none of the series we’d been working on were ever picked up after we disappeared off the face of the earth (?!), but if any of them deserved to be, it’d be this one. (THAT’S NOT AN INVITATION, BY THE WAY; KUKURU IS MINE)

Tsukuroiya Series (Awai no Mori) ch. 03:
“The Rainbow Flower”

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This chapter was edited by Rainstride (wherever that glorious bastard may be), typeset by Kaori (who’s turning into a real powerhouse lately…), proofed by Melfra, and translated by yours truly.

With that said, enjoy the chapter! Thankfully we were only two chapters in during our previous run, so you have plenty of time to play catch up. (Also, please don’t begrudge the “Sound of Music”-as-hell cover page. It’s an excellent chapter, I promise.

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Gonna Fire Ball our way straight into your hearts ♡

Our last release was in March of 2015. God. Jeeze. Uh. Thanks for keeping the faith, everyone. Excuses later: first, give the people what they’ve been waiting for!

Slayers SEDS ch. 06:
“Orichalcum Secrets”

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This chapter was edited by Tom the Mighty, typeset by Kaori, scanned and proofread by Melfra (also known as the Tanking Cleric(™)), and translated with gross neglect by yours truly.

2018 is barely a third of the way through, and it’s already shaping up to be a bang-up year for Slayers fans. With the new Lina Nendoroid on the horizon and a sequel to the honpen universe well underway, we figured there was no better time than the present for the Turtles to get back into action.

I won’t waste time giving excuses for the delay since I’m preeetty sure nothing I could possibly come up with, short of a nuclear apocalypse, would excuse a 3 year hiatus. (But suffice it to say: It’s 100% on me.) Instead, let’s take a minute to hear it for the OG Turtle crew, who re-assembled faster than you can say “Marvel Cinematic Universe” and got to work in record time to make this and future releases possible!

With that said, please join us on our Discord channel and feel free to share any comments or verbal abuses that we very rightly deserve! <3 We're also working on being more transparent and consistent with our releases, so we should have a schedule made up within the next month or so, once we get a feel for our current release potential. Alas, as working adults with 9 to 5's, the next couple of weeks will likely be instrumental in seeing how that plays out. But at least I can (pretty safely) say this: Look forward to a new chapter of SEDS every other week! See you soon, Turtles! PS: Somebody speed up that damn Gulf stream, I'm freezing over here. PPS: Sorry for the slowness of the site! We're looking at new servers, so stay tuned. <3

Coming soon….


Let’s do a quick recap to get everyone up to speed!

Welcome, one and all, to Turtle Paradise Scanlations! I’m your negligent fearless leader, Rebmastu. We’ve been in business for longer than I’d care to admit, and on hiatus for roughly a quarter of the time. Oops. Let’s not discuss the specifics of such, but suffice it to say none of us are dead (that I know of), but real life has a way of derailing the things we love to do, etc, etc.

The nature of scanlation has changed quite a lot in the time since we went on hiatus nearly two years ago. These days, if there’s a series in Japan with a decent amount of traction it’s more likely than NOT for a series not to be available in English. My, how the times have changed! With that said, we intend to shift our focus to series that are less likely to see an official English release: One-shots, out-of-print series, and things of that nature.

Here are the series that we, of course, plan to continue!
Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Stories (LIKE THERE WAS ANY OTHER QUESTION LOL), Tsukuroiya, Mebius Gear, etc. We have a handful of other series that we hope to announce sooner rather than later as well!

Junketsu Kareshi/He’s my Only Boyfriend (lol) by Aya Shouoto is being published with an absolutely SPLENDID translation in English Markets by Yen Press! You can purchase it easily at Amazon or any other retailer near you. They’re doing a much better job than we ever did, I assure you. =3

And that will do for our updates! A disclaimer, first: We’re all working adults. We’ll continue doing this out of love, but our release rate will likely be much slower than it used to be, alas (any Slayers fans remember a new chapter of Aqua Lord almost every day? lollll), but we’re still, as always, turtling on.

We’ll see you soon!

The Turtles

PS: I will never NOT be verbose. Lol

Okie dokie, bring out the mo…chi?

I would normally insert some kind of excuse for our hiatus here, but at this point I feel like no one would believe anything I had to say… And for good reason! But hey, at least it hasn’t been a FULL year since our last release! That’s something, right?

Anywho, let’s ease ourselves back into the routine (???) with something light: Here’s a one-shot about a girl who finds herself the unwilling participant in a centuries-old grudge-match between two of the greatest swordsmen the world has ever seen. Well… At least ONE of them was. And yes, it’s a shoujo. (Sorry, Tom!)

Download “Samurai Komachi” by Watari

This one was brought to you largely by Kaori who helmed the editing and typesetting effort, Melfra, our residence scanner-slash-QC’er, and yours truly, responsible as usual for bottlenecking the translation and the post-QC because I wasn’t satisifed with my own writing. Woops! Sorry about that! (IS SORRY THE ONLY THING I HAVE TO SAY? AFTER A YEAR????)

Stay tuned for more news! I know it’s going to take a while to win back everyone’s trust after that unannounced hiatus, but let’s give it a shot. SEE YOU NEXT TIME, TURTLES.