Slayers – The Hourglass of Falces

Title:Slayers – The Hourglass of Falces
Author: Asahi (旭), Kanzaka Hajime (神? 一)
Status: Complete
After being shipwrecked on a remote southern island, Lina and Co. protect its townspeople from an attack by pirates…. But the island holds a deep, dark secret – and powerful magical forces are at work trying desperately to hide its past. The fate of the world once again rests in the hands of the over-bearing Lina Inverse… For better or worse!
Join Lina, Gourry Gabriev, Zelgadiss Greywords, Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, and introducing Luke and Millena on a brand new adventure!

Recommended reading order*:
Super Explosive Demon Story >> Slayers Light Magic >> Slayers Revolution >> Slayers Evolution-R >> Knight of Aqualord >> Hourglass of Falces
*Series can technically be read in any order following Super Explosive Demon Story, with the exception of Revolution and Evolution-R which must be read in order.

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I’ve been following this site releases for a while, and being myself a fan of the slayers series, I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ^^ I (we, in fact, ‘coz it’s pretty obvious I’m not the only one lol) really, *really* appreciate the effort you guys are doing translating these mangas. So… thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou and thank you! x1000

Just wanted to let you know :3 since it’s good to receive support to keep going. Sorry for any english mistake by the way hehe.

Thank you AGAIN!! 8D

random guy

OMG Thanks!

I did not even know there are more slayers manga out there.

I really enjoyed reading your translation! Much thanks!


Wow, another Slayers series I didn;t know about. Can’t wait ^_^


Hmm, after reading this, it’s a bit disappointing. Everything’s happening too fast, nothing is explained, no background for the new characters (no clue who they are), it’s like it’s starting in the middle instead of at the begining.& worst of all is that it was written & drawn by a hentai artist who draws Amelia so disrespectfuly.


Thanks for another awesome work for our precious Slayers!
Keep up the good work!!(pleaze!!!I’ll be waiting forever…)

I was just wondering, is it possible for you guys to upload the Japanese version as well?


I was just wondering, is it possible for you guys to upload the Japanese version as well?

Nope! We’re here to make the Japanese version more accessible, not rip off the author =P


It is AWESOME that you guys are translating this! ^.^
I was just wondering when the next chapter will be out? =)


Luke and Milena are from the original Slayers novels that are where the manga and anime all originated from.


finally chapter 3!!! Thank you so much!


You know we love you, don’t you? Aaaaaaaawesome job.


this is probably my favorite slayers manga i’ve read so far! just wondering, is it an alternate timeline?


This is a very different art style for Slayers, but given how the story was told, I felt it really fit. I also loved how it had a lot more closure than Knight of the Aqualord but had more lore and seriousness than Light Magic (Both are still great!) Thanks Turtle Paradise for all the Slayers =} I caught up to them all at once today!