Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story

Volume 1

Chapter 01 – The Bomber Girl Appears! Read 20.3mb
Chapter 02 – Guard the Golden Muscle! Read 11.6mb
Chapter 03 – Breach the Impregnable Fortress! Read 11.1mb
Chapter 04 – The Heretics’ Plot Read 13.5mb
Chapter 05 – The Dragons’ Den Read 13.3mb
Download Volume 1 67.8mb

Volume 2

Chapter 06 – Orichalcum Secrets Read 15.7mb
Chapter 07 – Secret… Treasures? Read 8.2mb
Chapter 08 – The Philosopher’s Stone Proofing
Chapter 09 – A New Foe? Editing
Chapter 10 – Trouble for Lina Editing
Chapter 11 – Rezo, The Legendary Sage Editing



Title:Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story

Status: Typesetting chapter 7

When Lina Inverse meets the dimwitted swordsman Gourry Gabriev, the two partner up in what should have been a temporary alliance… But when the two find themselves under constant attack by brutal demons out for their blood, they join up with Zelgadiss, a chimera desperately searching for a way to regain his former human body, and Amelia, a spunky princess with a penchant for justice! Join these four unlikely companions as they kick some Mazoku butt, lay the smack-down on bandits and Demon Lords alike, and search for fine cuisine – all in the name of massive collateral damage! A manga adaptation of the first eight novels.

Note: Our previous work on volume 8 will be removed until we reach that point in the story, and then redone to meet our current standards. Stay tuned!

Recommended reading order*:
Super Explosive Demon Story >> Slayers Light Magic >> Slayers Revolution >> Slayers Evolution-R >> Knight of Aqualord >> Hourglass of Falces

*Series can technically be read in any order following Super Explosive Demon Story, with the exception of Revolution and Evolution-R which must be read in order.

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