Title:Slayers REVOLUTION
Author: Hyouju Issei (氷樹一世), Kanzaka Hajime (神?一)
Chapters: 6 (complete, continued in Slayers Evolution R)
Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia are back in action! After losing the legendary Sword of Light, Lina and Gourry travel through the kingdom of Ruvina Gard while searching for a replacement. Meanwhile, Amelia and Zelgadis escort a man named Waizer Flayon because he has a favor to ask of Lina Inverse – something that she can only do…? Wait, would this have anything to do with the Dragon Slave!? And what is that critter over there holding…? Is that… the Sword of Light!?
Recommended reading order*: Super Explosive Demon Story >> Slayers Light Magic >> Slayers Revolution >> Slayers Evolution-R >> Knight of Aqualord >> Hourglass of Falces
*Series can technically be read in any order following Super Explosive Demon Story, with the exception of Revolution and Evolution-R which must be read in order.

39 thoughts on “Slayers REVOLUTION

  1. arifst says:

    Thanks for posting this series. It’s my favourite of all time. I heard there are some novel series too. Could you post it too?

  2. rebmastu says:

    Slayers does have some novels, but I’ve never tried translating anything like that before. Until I get a few more releases under my belt, I’ll be sticking to manga, but I’ll definitely keep your request in mind for the future, arifst. =3

  3. Ifalna says:

    Slayers is the best. Since the new manga and anime has been comming out I have been watching the old stuff. I cant wait for more new releases.

  4. Bussani says:

    Thanks for the translations.

    It would be great if you’d eventually try tackling the novels. Tokyopop bailed out halfway through and no one else has given it a good try. Luckily the novels are VERY light.

  5. melfra says:

    With the exception of Aqualord (which has all been released in books), all our projects are running in a monthly magazine. We don’t have even close to the resources (or suicidal impulse OTL) required for weekly resources xD

  6. Kura says:

    Oh okay. xD I knew about the Aqualord releases :3 You should have suicidal impulses to get that done fast 8D Just because I’m impatient and love it >o<
    But thank you for that ^^
    Keep up your good work~ <3

  7. likalaruku says:

    In 10 years, Slayers has never gotten old for me ^_^ I just wish some aspiring young art school graduate would make a western RTSRPG of it >_>

    I like how the guy in the first chapter totaly looks nothing like Jack Sparrow. Ohohoho! ^o^

  8. rebmastu says:

    Wow… Strange ending… What about Slayers Evolution-R manga?

    Evolution-R will be coming just as soon as I wrap up the final chapter of Revolution, which I should be finished with in fairly short order. Sorry for the delay. ^^;

  9. Melfra says:

    there’s only one word can say . . .

    A W E S O M E

    ! ?

    thanks for the hard work guys, good job ^_^

    Wait, THE eXalpha? Shit, I heart your site so bad xD

    The links are dead. T.T

    Woah, hell I know how that happened, but I’ve gone and fixed the links for you. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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