Omamori no Kami-sama

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Volume II(第弐巻)

Title:Omamori no Kami-sama
Author: Kosugi Mayu(小杉繭­)
Iwakura Matsuri is a shrine maiden at her family’s temple, the Iwakura Shrine, where day after day she creates Omamori after Omamori, each one reputed to be uncommonly potent when it comes to fulfilling their possessors’ wishes… A fact that she doesn’t buy into one bit. But imagine her surprise when one day a small boy suddenly emerges from her own omamori which her mother left her before she died! His name is Mimori, and he claims to be one of the gods who dwell inside each and every omamori…

Together, Matsuri and Mimori learn more about love, devotion, friendship, and each other as they encounter more Omamori in their everyday lives.