Junketsu + Kareshi

Moonphase 10 – Night Dress
Moonphase 11 – Étude for the Soiree
Moonphase 12 – Baptisma of Blood
Moonphase 13 – The 13th Angel
Magazine Edition
Moonphase 14 – Nicaea -Duel- (Volume ver)
Moonphase 15 – A Kiss for the Poison Princess
Moonphase 16 – Phantom of the Pit
Moonphase 17 – Immoral
Volume 4

Title:Junketsu+Kareshi (Pureblood+Boyfriend)
Author: Shouoto Aya (?音?や)
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Kana Takachiho, despite her disadvantages, is a pretty nice girl. She’s friendly, outgoing, and used to be good at sports until she was injured in a freak accident, losing the scholarship keeping her in school, and earning her the disdain of her fellow classmates. Oh, and her childhood friend and (self-proclaimed) boyfriend, Aki, just so happens to be a vampire who turned her into his slave after drinking her blood on their first date. But Aki’s not just any vampire; he’s a Pureblood, and he’s participating in a game to find the seven “Stigmas” in order to wake his twin brother and Kana’s other childhood friend, Eriya, from his mysterious slumber…

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i don’t think we are saints so much as people who understand the value of doing something you love AS A VOLUNTEER, and how little appreciation is generally shown to volunteers and how much is expected of them. I too wish you had 48 hours in your day, 24 of which could be devoted to satisfy my selfish leech demands but I was brought up to appreciate what I’m given and be grateful rather than to make selfish demands for more- so again, thanks from the bottom of my heart for the hours you spend on producing reading material for… Read more »
Fawn of the Masquarde
Fawn of the Masquarde

Love this series


Thank you for translating this awesome manga. Just wondering if there will be more chapters?


thank you for translating this manga XD


The cover of Aki and Cana above is super gorgeous and hot and on fire…you guys too :D..Thanks for satisfying our crave for this manga, for translating, editing and all the hardwork. Hope more people join you guys to help ease the loads of volunteering in releasing this manga.


Just a question: Why does it start at chapter 10 instead of one? O.O


Just a question: Why does it start at chapter 10 instead of one? O.O

An answer! We picked it up from Omari’s Sister, the group that had been doing it previously, after chapter 10. We’ll go back and do our own version of it as well… Eventually. =D

Oh, okay, thanks for telling me. XD I’ll go look the previous ones up then, thanks again. :D


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

sankyu. <3


hey guys, im just wandering when will be chap 18 release? and thaks for all your work, you’re great ^.^

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