Heart Stealer


Title: Heart Stealer
Author: Rikachi
Genre: Shoujo, sci-fi, freakin’ awesome
Pages: 44
Size: 16.5mb
Summary: Nanahei spends most nights gaming away with his best bud Rei’ichi on the hit virtual MMORPG “Stealer” under the team alias of “Glider,” hoping to climb the ranks and earn their bid to be challenged by the “Noob-killer,” Lily Gaga. So far, all he’s got to show for his hard work is a perpetual propensity for sleep-deprivation and a solid position at the bottom of the social ladder. Little does he know his hard work’s about to pay off as he makes the strangest acquaintance ever…

Featured in Aria magazine.

Date Complete: 5/23/12

5 thoughts on “Heart Stealer

  1. rebmastu says:

    ;A; thank you for all your hard works

    Gaspgaspgasp, ohmygoshit’skobro. Thank you for the omgawd adorable Turtle Day thaaang OTL I CAN’T TAKE IT! IT’S TOO PERFECT.

  2. Tiffy says:

    I loved it so much! It was so adorable and cute!
    I just wish it was longer, I would have love a whole manga of this~
    Thank you very much for this oneshot!
    Keep up the great work!!

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