Chapter 01 – The Pale Forest Read 14.4mb
Chapter 02 – The Reflective Lake Read 12.9mb
Chapter 03 – The Rainbow Flower Read 10.1mb
Chapter 04 – ないまぜの街
Side Story – ココロの本音
Awai no Mori

Title: Tsukuroi-ya Series: Awai no Mori (Tailor Series: The Pale Forest)
Author: Maeda Tomo (前田とも)

Status: Chapter 4 – Proofing
Side Story – Edited, Translating

Within the boundary separating one world from the next, “rips” in the fabric of space will occasionally form. These tears allow the two worlds to bleed into each other, and, if left unattended, may threaten the everyday lives of the people living nearby. To find and repair these distortions, a tailor named Rem travels around the world along with his companion, a doll in the shape of a small girl.

9 thoughts on “Tsukuroiya

  1. rebmastu says:

    …When are you going to release it?

    lol, I don’t even know how you *found* this. I thought all the links were down. BUT THAT’S OKAY.

    Anywho, it’s still in the beginning stages so I can’t give you much of a time frame, but I will say I’m working on translating it ATM.

  2. Passingby says:

    Okay I’d only checked back on this series on a whim and I was pleasantly surprised that this was updated?? Thanks so much for taking the time to continue these translations, I really appreciate it!

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