The last information page was kind of TLDR so it’s in desperate need of revamping. For now, we’ll leave the #1 question right here and field the rest in the comments!


Can I link your site?

Of course! Have a button!

More will (presumably) come as we make more…. Presumably.


Can we translate your releases into another language?

Unfortunately we do not allow our releases to be translated into other languages. Over time we’ve begun focusing on translations that lean more toward adaptations, which means that they either wouldn’t make sense or aren’t suited to other languages. This is the call of Rebmastu, our translator. Our only exception to this rule is out of print series, such as Wild Arms: Flower Thieves, however, we ask that you first contact Melfra or Rebmastu (contact information on the staff page) for more information. Thank you!



Please wait at least 24 hours to upload these to reader sites!

And no, we’re not JUST being nazis about it (although, really, if it’s HQ you’re after, you’d be better using our site’s reader anyway. =P) The 24 hour wait time is in place in case any errors are caught with the first release by you readers, our secondary QC, as it were. Then, if necessary, we can upload a version two of our releases to correct any mistakes.

Commenting is enabled, so please ask if you’d like to know anything else!

118 thoughts on “Information

  1. rebmastu says:

    can i suggest you a manga to translate it?

    Fabulous question, m’dear! We’ll always consider recs, but we can’t make the call until we get a title. That said, HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT.

  2. Yuu-chan says:

    Thanks for translating Junketsu Kareshi! I’ve been reading it in Japanese but it’s refreshing to read it in English (and I can’t wait for 2013 vol.6). I understand that it does take time for the whole process so thanks for sticking with this. Haven’t seen anyone else translating this into English at present.

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