Slayers: Rui Rui Teinyu 5

[TP]Slayersdj_RuiRuiTeinyu5_01 [TP]Slayersdj_RuiRuiTeinyu5_24

Title: Rui Rui Teinyu 5
Circle: Araizumi Rui
Genre: gag/sketches
Characters/pairings: Gourry & Lina, Soujiro & Sue (plus minor appearances by the rest of the Slayers gang
Pages: 24
Size: 8.9mb
Summary: More of the same from Araizumi Rui. The first half is another camping crossover between The Butler, the Mazoku, and the Young Mistress and Slayers, followed by a collection of the frames used to animate the live Slayers info-dump hosted by Book Walker earlier in 2013. Also, Charagumin advertisements. Because We’ll all buy them eventually. (Storyboard notes remain untranslated because A) I can’t read them, and B) the descriptions are self-explanatory. Probably.)
Date Complete: 1/01/14

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