Slayers: Rui Rui Teinyu 2

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Title: Rui Rui Teinyu 2
Circle: Araizumi Rui
Genre: Gag, materials collection
Characters/pairings: Lina/Gourry, Zelgadiss (OH GOD), Amelia, Xellos, Sylphiel, and… Sue. Plus a smattering of Slayers Special characters. And fish men.
Pages: 25
Size: 9.4mb
Summary: A half-comic, half rare collection of materials for the Slayers SNES game. The first half plays out a shameless (and by shameless, I mean CAVITY INDUCING) romance between Lina and Gourry, with the second half being a (purportedly) rare collection of development character sketches. And Zelgadiss… Well, you’ll have to see to believe the kind of crap he pulls. By the end of the book, Araizumi hasn’t forgiven him– and neither will you! Be warned: Mildly crude jokes within!
Date Complete: 1/1/13

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