Sakura Sakura

Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura (reverse cover)

Title: Sakura Sakura
Circle: Totsugeki Wolf
Genre: Gag?
Characters/pairings: Syaoran X Sakura (misc. other characters)
Pages: 26
Size: 11.1mb
Summary: Rated R for frontal nudity.
A pair of stories featuring Sakura and Syaoran fluff.
Date Complete: 2/19/08

21 thoughts on “Sakura Sakura

  1. Melfra says:

    What software do I have to have to be able to read this manga via android smartphone?Thank you so much!!

    If you use an android, I love love love comicat. I don’t know if the google store has it, but the amazon app store does!

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