Welcome to the Lost Universe of Birdcage Manor?

So at the moment I imagine a lot of you are making a face not unlike our dear Kizuna’s (see below) at the moment, and you know, that’s totally justifiable, considering it’s, uh… Well, it’s been a while since our last release, hasn’t it? As far as excuses are concerned, I don’t have much of one. Melly and the majority of the Turtle crew, including myself, have been swamped in exam hell and the overload that entails for the last month or so, leaving us precious little time to do anything other than stuff cheap and unhealthy sustenance down our gullets every now and again.

“But Reb,” you say, “What about bathing?

F*ck bathing.

All excuse-making aside, we’re really getting into the homestretch of Birdcage now with only five chapters left (two of which are already in QC, HOLY CATS), so we’re going to be exposed to some real end-game action (coming soon, to a reader near you.) But you know what makes Birdcage so boss? Even in end-game Birdcage, the character development never stops! HURRAY!

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 16:
“Home: The Reasons We Run, and What it Means to Stay (I)
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Typeset this time around by ZippyZippy, edited by Sakana-san (with her fishy, fishy eyes, teehee), and QC’d by both Melfra and Clov3r.

And speaking of character development and end-game progress, Lost Universe is right up there with Birdcage. We’ve only got four chapters to go at this point, and certain characters are going to start doing things that will shock the hell out of you. Chapter 17’s in QC at the moment, and after Melly read that one, well… She was inconsolable. With RAGE! So if this one dropped off your radar, it’s time to put ‘er back on.

Lost Universe Lost 16: Sacrifice
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This chapter has been brought to you by the speedy typesetting skillz of Zippy, edited by dexterous and nimble hands of c0de_da1sy, and QC’d by Melfra, because she makes me sound smrt. (Clov3r was too busy being awesome.)

On that note, I’ve recently had the, uh, dubious privilege of watching the Lost Universe anime for the first time, and I can see where some of the initial doubt came from when we first announced we’d be picking up this title. If you’ve been hesitating to pick the series up because the anime left a bad taste in your mouth, stop. Right now. And start reading the manga. You will not regret it. One of the more heinous omissions on the anime’s part was its adaptation of the manga equivalent of chapters 12-14, featuring Jess and Melina, which seriously glossed over their deal to the point where you weren’t quite sure what everyone was freaking out about by the time shit hit the fan. I’m not sure which is closer to the original novel, but either way, the manga is vastly, vastly, vastly superior to the anime and definitely deserves a chance to stand on its own without prior bias.


Hey, they don’t call us Turtles for nothin’.

Looking at our release rate on MU, it says we’re hovering around a release every 27 days. If that’s anything close to true, then you guys deserve a medal for sticking with us. Hell, I gotta give the staff at least THREE medals for sticking around, ’cause boy howdy at the rate I churn out translations (read: RARELY IF EVER) anybody who puts up with my shit deserves to be sainted.


Welp. I think that’s treading deep enough into “UEEEGGHHH REB IS A CREEPER” territory, so have some Birdcage. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID BIRDCAGE.

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor (ch. 15)
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Editing kudos this time around go to Sakana-san (I call her Fishiko <3), typeset, as always, by the ALMIGHTY ZIPPY, and QC'd not once! But TWICE! by Melfra and Clov3r. Without them you'd have to slog through 24 pages of me engrishing as bad as I do in these posts and, ugh, how do you stand it. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Read a book so manga isn’t your only exposure to the English language. BECAUSE I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT DESTROYS YOUR ABILITY TO FUNCTION IN A GRAMMATICALLY SOUND MANNER.

Edit: New poll! Check it out, folks. (And seriously, I had best not find any of you clicking, “I never spend money on the series I read!” DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED, OKAY.)

The Edit Strikes Back: Actually, screw that option. Boy howdy, do I NOT want to hear about that. Hoo. You have no idea the complex I would develop. BRB, SOBBING ABOUT BEING A ENABLER.

If you see a turtle on a roof, chances are it had a jetpack.

First, let me say: Happy belated Christmas and new years to our turtle fans, and happy holy shit, fourth anniversary! I don’t know how the hell we’ve managed to hang on this long, but there it is, and here we are. Good job, turtle staff! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO DEDICATED. Ahem. For veterans of the site, most of you know we usually do something called the Twelve Days of Doujinshi leading up to the 6th, our anniversary (being today as of writing, but it will probably be the 7th in actuality once I manage to post this), hooooowever due mostly in part to sheer laziness (on my part– SORRY BROS THE WHEEL OF TIME TURNS AND I’M F*CKIN’ TRAPPED) we’re pushing it back this year be held…Well, some other time. When? I HAVE NO IDEA! But we’ll do it eventually. I don’t know about you guys, but I need my Slayers doujinshi fix or else I just can’t kick off the year right.

But that’s not what you’re here for! You’re here for RELEASES, and hobuddy ARE WE DELIVERING OR WHAT.

First up, Birdcage Manor is BACK! Which I’ve promptly decided to rename “The adventures of moe-moe Asai-kun and his significantly less moe living companions,” for reasons you’ll see there at the right. Where we last left our heroes, a power outage had Kiz’naw and moe-moe Asai-kun trapped in the elevator which, contrary to typical shoujo trappings, didn’t help them in the goddamn least. NOW COMES THE FALL-OUT.

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Second! We’re rapidly approaching the conclusion to Wild Arms: Flower Thieves and with only one chapter after this to go, the tensions are high, and the standoffs are bad-ass. Oh, and you can’t have a western without a good ol’ fashioned train-jacking, and Wild Arms, let’s face it, isn’t one to betray tradition. AND THERE IS NOT A THING WRONG WITH THAT — I just wish more of you read it! ;__; Besides, Guy is badass. I mean, come on. Look at that. Unf, unf.

Download Wild Arms, Flower Thieves ch. 11: Human
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NEXT! We continue on with the much-neglected Lost Universe! (Hah. Slayers joke? Perhaps. CAN YOU TELL I’M OBSESSED) Since I continue to feel obligated to recap each preceding chapter because it’s been SO LONG since we released anything, where we last left off, Raile had convinced Kain & co to taxi him to the U.G. satellite database center, where he sets about collecting security against his “employers” — and appropriately enough, practically any Slayers fan knows the meaning of what he finds. THEN HE SETS THEM UP THE BOMB.

Download Lost Universe ch. 15: Return Home online
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And rounding up our releases for the day, all I can say is please… please, don’t kill me. Because instead of the much, much anticipated ch. 32 (I know you guys are foaming at the bit for it), we have… THE EXTRA CHAPTER THAT CAME AT THE END OF VOL 7. This rounds up volume 7, so now you can download the whole thing in one go. =D On that note, SURE MUTSUKI YOU SLEEP IN A COFFIN AND YOU GET MAD WHEN PEOPLE THINK YOU’RE A VAMP. UH HUH. OKAY.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, now go enjoy your piles of READING MATERIAL

We’re back and more LITERATE than ever!


So lately I’ve been caught up reading the Wheel of Time series. I won’t say it’s the best ever with the same drooling fanaticism that some of our crew would claim (NANNERS. MELLY.), but it IS enjoyable as hell when the characters aren’t fawning over one another. But that’s neither here nor there – we’re here to talk about MANGA, and today, we deliver — count ’em! — not one, but TWO releases for your reading pleasure, both of which have been an eternity in the making (due in no small part to my own procrastination and preoccupations OTL), but hey. You don’t want to hear me rant. You want to READ COMICS.

Where we last left off, Kizuna and Yuki had made up about their past, uh… transgressions, inasmuch as two people who weren’t even really fighting to begin with can make-up, and Kizuna leaves us with the thought that, “Boy howdy, do I wish I could figure out how to make Asai not so bloody irked at me.” And then it starts raining. The question is, what next? ENTER THIS CHAPTER. Editing duty pulled this time around by c0de_da1sy, with QC magic in deft command by Melfra and Clov3r. Translation and typesetting (and the majority of delays OTL) by yours truly.

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And yet another fans have been clamoring for, Barajou 30! Where we last left off in THIS one, Idel and Anis had a hardcore bromance moment that made me ship them pretty friggin’ hard. And it only gets better in here! Join with me, Rhodecia fans: IDEEEEEELLLLL! Ahem. Typeset and translated by THIS GUY, RIGHT HERE, QC’d by Clov3r and Melfra, andedited WITH MASTERY WORTHY OF A HERON BLADE by c0de_da1sy! Oh snap! It was edited by Shinigami, not Daisy. SORRY BB ILU D= Anyway. ENJOY IT, PLEBES.

Download Barajou no Kiss Punishment 30: Your Song, at the End of the World
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On that note, we’re still hurtin’ for typesetters and editors, so if you’ve got the time, head on over to the forum and take the tests.

Typical Turtle Style (by which I mean, revisions)

Woops! I doinked up and accidentally mislabled a portion of the table of contents in yesterday’s release of Birdcage Manor. We, being the intense perfectionists we are, went ahead and fixed that up. Here’s the page in question, for those of you who don’t want to re-download the zip, but no other changes were made aside from that.

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Thanks to Ezoya for pointing it out.