Slayers REVOLUTION ch. 02

Zelgadis takes great pleasure in poisoning animals.......
Well now, that’s just uncalled for!

In very related news, the first episode of the anime aired today! It was fabulous, completely fabulous. Go download the raw if you haven’t already – if only to watch that fantastic opening! XD (If that really IS Zooma, I’m going to have a heart attack. Please excuse me while I curl into the fetal position over in that corner…)

In un-related news, Melly’s made a new layout! Tell us what you think about it in the poll over to the side. That said, download away!

Download chapter 02 – “Find That Critter!?

Slayers REVOLUTION! Ch. 01

The boob jokes are BACK!
Lina’s back, and she’s just as short-tempered as ever…

Announcing Turtle Paradise’s new project, Slayers REVOLUTION!! The long-awaited manga companion to the new season of Slayers airing this week! Wait, this week!? Oh boy, we have some catch-up to do…


Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia are back in action! After losing the legendary Sword of Light, Lina and Gourry travel through the kingdom of Ruvina Gard while searching for a replacement. Meanwhile, Amelia and Zelgadis escort a man named Waizer Flayon because he has a favor to ask of Lina Inverse – something that she can only do…? Wait, would this have anything to do with the Dragon Slave!? And what is that critter over there holding…? Is that… the Sword of Light!? (Running parallel to the new anime series coming out in July.)

Download chapter 01 – “Lina Inverse, the Suspect”