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With our massive Shouoto and Lost Universe blowout yesterday, Rebmastu mentioned our current financial predicament involving the domain name renewal… And you guys stepped up to the plate. Hard. I mean it, that goal was knocked square out of the park, and I am totally baffled by how amazing you all are. I really don’t even know how to thank you guys ;_; We currently have nearly $90 in the pot (so to speak), meaning not only has the domain renewal fee been paid, but now we’re also able to pay for last month’s issues of Aria and Asuka, which… okay, I’ll admit it, we’ll be lucky if anywhere still has them in stock OTL But thanks to you guys, we still have a shot at getting current content!

So this is where I’ll open the floor for comments. I can’t make any guarantees, but what series do you guys want to see us release? Is it Barajou? Birdcage Manor? SLH? Junketsu+Kareshi? Mebius Gear? Lost Universe? Flower Thieves? Or perhaps some new projects? Like I said, I can’t make any guarantees, but this is a good place to let your comment be heard if you’re really itching for something =D

And again, we love you all so bad it hurts. So bad.

Comments closed! We still love you guys, but I think we’ve got enough to go on now =D Oh my God, I can’t believe no one wants Flower Thieves ;_;

We’re interactive?!

In light of the recent release delays, which are mentioned on the twitter but not the main site, We’ve integrated the feed into our sidebar. Well… I talk about really pointless stuff too, like Anis’ armpits and short things that aren’t worth mentioning here. So feel free to follow us and don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Barajou no Kiss ch. 15, SLH ch. 4, and Omamori no Kamisama ch. 4… GOOD GOD


No, the servers aren’t crashing… BUT WORLD SURE AS HELL IS COMING TO AN END.

In 2012, that is. (I heard that was a pretty garbage movie, BTW. I walked in on my fam watching it a while ago and this lady was trying to give her kids to some monk to escape the impending Armageddon. “Please,” she says, “Wouldn’t you want the same for your own children?” BITCH, MONKS ARE CELIBATE. I giggled obnoxiously and left the room shortly thereafter.)

But we’re not here to talk about 2012 now, are we? HELL NO! That’s right, half of you want your Shouoto eye-candy, and the other half of you are here to put Mimori in your pocket! Guess what, guys? TODAY, YOU GET TO DO BOTH. After a million years of waiting, we finally managed to finish chapter 4 of SLH, thanks in no small part to Melly, once again putting pinch-hitting editor duty, and Zippy and Magmar on the typesetting front. On that note, this chapter of Barajou is also brought to you by Melly (who seems to have a monopoly on the Shouoto front, IF YOU ASK ME), and Baki at the typesetting helm, and finally, we’ve got Shae pulling editing duty for this chapter of Omamori, with EpikWonder typesetting.


Download/Read Barajou no Kiss chapter 15: Audition! ☆ The Band of Many Faces
Download/Read SLH chapter 4 (end volume 1)
Download Omamori no Kamisama chapter 4: The Lost Omamori

And while we’re at it, Melly (JEEZE, MELLY) has overhauled the reader in a pretty amazing way. As always, it’s still a new thing, so go check it out and tell us what you think!

BY THE WAY, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! All the cool kids are doing it… And you do want to be one of the cool kids… don’t you?

Barajou no Kiss extra chapter… and a reader!

Guess who’s got cream puffs?

Today, I bring you not one, but TWO pieces of awesome! Ranked in order of how awesome I think they are. Or not. YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!

First of all, we bring you the special chapter of Barajou no Kiss, entitled “24 Hours with the Roses” or something like that. It hasn’t been published in any volumes, and it might not be, since it was an Asuka special chapter. That’s still great though, right? Right. It’s worth giggles at least!

Second! (and maybe the most awesome but that’s for you to decide!) I’ve spent the last week whipping up an online reader for the site, so now you can read our releases… online! It’s designed in the same style as the forum, so don’t worry if the page looks quite a bit different from the main. Chapters 1 and 2 of Barajou (and the first three volumes of Evangelion Datenroku) aren’t online currently because they’re all pending re-release.. more info on that later! For now, consider the reader in beta, and if you find any problems at all, please say so in this post so I can fix ’em!

Visit Turtle Paradise’s Online Reader!
Or download the special chapter of Barajou no Kiss!


Forum’s A-OK again!

Okay, after my glorious bork of epic proportions, the forum is up and running with an… odd theme. Hey, I’m working on it!

I’d also like to note that with this upgrade we’re participating in SMF’s 2.0 beta testing. So if you run across any strange error messages or behavior, please tell us so we can report it!