Back with a… vengeance? The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King’s Lap, ch. 2

Man, I love Ruri.

First off, a sincere apology from us Turtles to you readers! We mentioned in our previous release that our editor, Kaori, was down for the count due to extenuating circumstances—I’d made an effort to compensate for the lack of staffage on my own, which was, unfortunately, met with dismal failure. (Because I suck and got caught up with work, oops. <3) That being said, please send Kaori some good vibes, and accept my apologies for the delay! However, one thing has changed with regards to this series specifically, and we need input from you readers to decide how to continue.

Savvy manga readers among you may have noticed that this series has been picked up by another group who have since completed the entirety of volume one; we at TP are still interested in providing our own spin on the series, but only if readers are interested in reading our version. That being said, if you’re fine with waiting for our slower releases, please comment below! We will gladly continue with the series should enough people express their interest. (Note that we are in the proofing process of chapter 3, meaning it will be released regardless, but this will determine whether we continue on with chapter 4 and after.)

And now that we have that preamble out of the way, LET’S GET OUR VENGEANCE ON.

The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King’s lap
Chapter 2: The Forest Witch and the Spirits
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Next up: Slayers SEDS, chapter 8! (In which we are exposed to more of the glorious science of orichalcum! I LOVE IT WHEN SLAYERS GETS TECHNICAL.)

Temporarily breaking hiatus: Mebius Gear v02 ch09

Greetings, turtles! We’re coming back from an (admittedly) unplanned hiatus to announce… another hiatus!
Half kidding. I’m hitting up the boozy homeland of Germany for the next couple of weeks, so releases will resume later. Here’s a status update to keep everyone appraised of our current goings-on:

  • Slayers: Volume 2 is completely translated; will likely edit and typeset simultaneously.
  • Tsukuroiya: The next chapter of Tsukuroiya is typeset and undergoing revisions. All of volume 1 is translated.
  • The Vengeful White Cat: I have the majority of volume 1 translated; however, our editor for the series has been suffering some pretty significant health issues and is convalescing. Please respect that her health is our priority when asking for updates on this series. I should also mention that this (manga) series has only one volume released with no signs of a new chapter since last December. I have no idea if it’s on hiatus, axed, or being published elsewhere at this time.
  • New series 1: New series… one!? There’s not much I can say other than it’s a universe we’ve already explored, so new readers might be lost without some introduction…Hint, hint. <3
  • So without further ado, Mebius!

    Mebius Gear ch. 09:
    “The Price of Love”

    [Download | Read Online]

    We have two chapters left in this volume, and one left in Souya’s MELODRAMATIC AS FUCK arc. Volume 3 is the gosh darn reason I wanted to work on this series, so get hype!

    And with that said, TOODLES! See y’all in a couple of weeks!

    Stone cold nerds: Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story v2 ch07

    You know how sometimes when you’re reading something super cringy, your toes start to kind of tingle? And then it moves all the way up your arms, and you start scrunching down into your chair out of sheer second-hand embarrassment while you whimper, “Oh baby boy, pls don’t do this to yourself”?

    Yeah, that’s this chapter.


    Slayers SEDS ch. 07:
    “Secret… Treasures?”

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    Also, please give it up for Kaori on this one! Girl’s typesetting from a hospital bed. If that doesn’t belong on a resume, I don’t know what does.
    Rounding out the team is Tom the Mighty on editing duty, Melfra on QC patrol (LOOKIN’ OUT FOR MY AWKWARD-ASS PHRASING), and translated by yours truly.

    Thanks for your patience, guys! Next release should be either Mebius or Tsukuroiya either Wednesday or Sunday, depending on everyone’s work load.

    Also, don’t forget to hit us up in Discord if you haven’t already! (You can find the link in the upper-right corner of the page. We’re on the prowl for typesetters and editors, so just ask for deets!)

    A little oneshot to kick off the week: The Sorcerer’s Contract

    Wussup, my homies! Sorry for the lack of release last week. (Of course it would be RIGHT AFTER I screamed our schedule from the rooftops!) It turns out nothing puts a wrench in plans like a kick-up in projects at work, a Love Live concert, and Mother’s Day to top it all off. (At least I can afford to eat this week, so that’s pretty cool!) But as nice as it is to see y’all again, I suppose you didn’t drop by to get a digest of last week’s schedule, did you? Without further ado, on to the goods!

    We’ve got a quick, easy-to-digest one-shot for you this week about a girl, her “brother,” and his psychotic dad. (Kinda runs in the family, but hey, this is shoujo. Well-adjusted male leads are a rarity.)

    A Sorcerer Entered into a Contract
    Oneshot story by Midori Yata
    [Download | Read Online]

    This chapter was SHOCKINGLY edited by our resident proofer/scanner Melfra and typeset by newbies JV and Ingrid. (Unfortunately it was their only project. ='( BUT WE APPRECIATE THEM ANYWAY, WHEREVER THEY ARE! <3) I have it on good authority that we may see some more Slayers this week, so keep an eye out! And as always, keep turtling! PS: We're looking for editors and typesetters. If you're interested in joining our slow and motley crew, please send me (Rebmastu) a message on our discord channel!

    Vengeance is cuter than ever: The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King’s Lap, ch. 1

    The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon King’s lap
    Chapter 1: Summoned and Exiled
    [Download | Read Online]

    *Note: Read online link will temporarily link to MangaDex’s reader until we’re able to get our reader up. :)

    What better way to commemorate the end of a lengthy hiatus with a brand-spanking new series?

    This tasty little treat ticks all of my favorite boxes in a shoujo:
    A sassy heroine
    High-fantasy hijinks
    ~Magic Apprenticeships~
    Cranky old ladies with hearts of gold

    And did I mention a super sassy heroine?

    Credit roll call!
    On editing duty is Kaori! (You can tell she’s been working with a shoujo group because she annihilated the SFX, AHAHA)
    Proofed jointly by Melfra and newcomer Shadow! (the aspring English major!)
    And translated and typeset by yours truly. (I wanted something to ease me back into the scene. THIS WASN’T IT. OH GOD, THIS WASN’T IT.)

    Aaaaand story time! When I first got it into my head that the Turtles should crawl out of retirement, I figured we’d focus on Slayers and leave it at that. But when I took a peek at my favorite online book vendor and saw the story of a girl who turns into a white cat and declares her need for VENGEANCE upon the world, it made my kokoro go doki doki. And did y’all know there’s a new ongoing Orphen manga? I mean…. Not promising anything, buuut…

    Regardless, feedback’s important on this one! If you enjoyed reading it, drop us a line in the comments!

    Edit: If you’re hungry for more and don’t want to wait for the next chapter, check out Froglation’s translation of the novel!