Slayers KoAL vol6ch28

I hope you guys have figured out by this point that I have a massive hard-on for Fanan. And you would, too, IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YA.

We’re pulling closer to the climax of the series, guys and gals! Are you ready for it? WELL, ARE YA? Stay tuned for all this and more in the next episode of AQUA LAD Z!

Wait. Wrong series. OR IS IT!?

Download Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord vol 2ch28 – “Beginning of the End-game”

Hmm, that’s weird, I could have sworn there was something else we were supposed to release today….

Some tweaking

Alright, the series pages should be completely worked over to the new format. I coded it a little differently from how I usually do, so if you see any of the volume cells behaving unusually, please let me know so I can fix it!

Also, the donation button has been added back to the site, so if anyone has been itching to give us some money, there’s that =P. Seriously though, we’re working out the kinks right now, but there are plans for goodies for those who donate; something along the lines of raffles with prizes being stuff like manga volumes and, well, goodies. Donations are working a little differently from before too, since instead of going straight to the server, donations will also fund the projects we release, which should be pretty epic, considering that we’re paying upwards of $100 a month to do this scanlation thing. What can I say, we love this stuff. =p I’ll be writing out a more in depth post after we get the kinks worked out, so stay tuned! And in case anyone was wondering, those of you who have donated in the past will be eligible for any prizes we give away right off the bat.


I’m going to make this short since my posts always end up too damn long =D The progress for Barajou no Kiss has been slow as usual (I’m a full time student with a job on top! Cut me some slack!), but we’ve got some good news! Volume 1 is going to be released on 4/25, and volume 2 has a date of 5/26. I guess they ran into some printing hiccups or something xD Anyway, after those are released we’ll finally be getting stuff out in a timely manner, so no more waiting of, like, 100 days again.. ;_;

Can I pacify anyone with this? Er, no?

Translator role-call!

Hello all, hoping everyone enjoyed our releases the other day! We’re interested in doing link exchanges with the groups translating our releases into different languages, so if you know of any groups, or better yet, are a member of one of these groups, please reply to this post with your group name and url, along with the series you’re translating! If you have buttons (200×60 preferred!), that’s even better =3

(button love~ )