Hello, and Goodbye!

Before we get started, I’d just like to say…

Congratulations to Yen Press for Licensing Junketsu Kareshi (hereafter He’s My Only Vampire”) for English Release!

How exciting is that? Now, since it’s being licensed for English release and I have approximately ZERO interest in competing with the English market, Turtle Paradise will be dropping the series effective immediately. (Boy… Now I don’t feel so bad for not getting started on volume 5! WHAT A CLIFFHANGER THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN.) We’ll be removing our downloads very shortly here as well. In the meantime, thank you all for the support in the very short (lol) tenure since we took over. Now get your wallets ready, and get to preordering!

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s release day! Just one for now, but hey, one is better than none, right?

Barajou no Kiss Punishment 39:
“Engaged in Himmelreich?

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That’s it. That image is the chapter. Tenjoh does things, Anis gets ROYALLY pissed– well, given where the last chapter left off, is that really any surprise? Here’s where the big reveal comes in, but it’s not until the next chapter (THE END ;_;) where we find out exactly how broken Tenjoh really is. BARAJOU, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY ONE TRUE LOVE. (Maybe Melly and I will take a picture of all of our swag to commemorate the final release, lol) THAT SAID, this chapter! Was edited by Egotist, typeset and translated by yours truly, scanned by Melfra, and QC’d both by Melfra and newcomer ToxicStream! Enjoy!

To close us off, here’s where I introduce our new staff! Please welcome ToxicStream, our newest (and coolest! SORRY MEL) QC, and JV, who just took (and passed!) the typesetting test last night. So now we’ve got two QCs, two typesetters, and… NO EDITORS? Yes, that’s right! We’re still in dire need of editors for our latest and greatest series (many of which we haven’t even announced!), including the last chapter of Barajou… So if you’ve got the time and feel up to helping out, please drop by the forum and take the editing test.


Wallowing in a puddle of video games and bad animu, but other than that…

Ah, excuses. I seem to be full of them, but none of them seem to be any good. For better or worse, I’m watching AnoHana, and I’ve heard… things about said series. Pretty good things, for the most part, but I’m expecting to be devastated by the end. (No spoilers, ladies and gents!)

Welcome to Monday’s releases! Well… Tuesday’s releases? Anyway, my schedule got changed at work recently, so it was hard finding the right timing to do releases, and by golly, I’m hell-bent and determined to keep it as close as possible. Now let’s get to it beforeI lose my nerve and decide to put this off until next week. Again. Hah.

Tsukuroiya chapter 2:
“The Reflective Lake?

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First up, one we haven’t seen ’round here in a while! It’s business as usual for Rem and his new traveling companion. In this chapter, they visit a strange lake in a town where kids keep going missing under the strangest circumstances. Also, Kukuru is adorable, and Rem is a shit-stirrer as always. Anway! This chapter was translated and typeset by yours truly, edited by Rainstride, and QC’d/scanned by Melfra. If you’re not reading it yet, you should be!

Junketsu+Kareshi chapter 17:

[Download | Read Online]

I said we were picking up the pace, didn’t I? Well, er, relatively speaking. Anyway, there’s a fabulous glossary of terms in the back of the book, so get your read on and edumacate yourselves, y’all. On a slightly related note, I love the hell out of Suzuran, and I desperately want her to become a recurring character. She’s a classy sass-master in the body of a wheelchair-bound loli. Not sure where I’m going with that one, but… Anyway.
This chapter closes out volume 4! CELEBRATE! Oh, and there’s been a super slight alteration with chapter 16, so there’s a v2 available. It’s nothing major, just rephrased a line on page 117.
That said! This chapter was edited by Egoist, typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned and QC’d by Melfra.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next time for some more Slayers, and some other stuff if I get around to it. Also, we’ll probably be opening up a few positions in few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that. (For everyone who’s applied in the last week, I’m sorry! I’ll get back to you soon! Like I said, my new schedule is totally borking me up.)

Oh, and please don’t upload these to any online readers for at least 24 hours. ENJOY YOUR MANGA.

Never underestimate brute force!

Let no one ever say a Turtle goes back on their word… unless you happened to visit in the unfortunate period between now and November of last year, in which case I am so sorry and let’s pretend those months just slipped off into the same black hole as the pages you take joy in ripping from the daily calendar sitting on your desk and forget they ever happened. Have you forgotten? Good. Welcome to Mondays at Turtle Paradise.

If there’s one thing the three (!) releases coming to the table today have in common, it’s stuff blowing sky-high, and that’s… really about it. At least you’re not slogging through Wheel of Time and hoping for things to blow up, if only to advance the story. Humph.

Mebius Gear chapter 7:
“Bonds and Betrayals”

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FREAK OUT! Despite consistently, um… flagging interest in the series, I’ll hold on to this one to my dying breath, if only for Maria’s absolute ferocity. Fortunately, it seems we were cosmically blessed to hold off on this chapter before the hiatus (read: I forgot we had it done), so this chapter drops us right into a new arc instead of picking up the pieces from some… other one. Wonderful. Edited by the fabulous Sakana-san (whose reappearance in the chatbox actually motivated me enough to pull my head out of my ass long enough to start releases again! THANK HER), typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned and QC’d by Melfra, as always. Go bust some buildings! (We’re also looking for interested typesetters for this series, so please drop us a line if you’d like to get in on this!)

Junketsu+Kareshi chapter 16:
“Phantom of the Pit”

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This right here was more or less the reason for my hiatus from translating. (Well, part of it.) I churned it out, submitted it for QC, started applying the changes, and… I hated it. I suffered so much embarrassment from the script that I had to put it away for months before I could stand even looking at it long enough to overhaul the translation, and overhaul I did. I hope the care is evident and y’all enjoy it. Edited! By the dashing Egotist! (join the fanclub; you’ll never regret it!) Translated and typeset! Yours truly! And scanned and QC’d by Melfra, who slogs through her general dislike of the series because she loves you all and she’s a trooper, omg.

And last, but certainly far from least… Drum-roll, please!

Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story chapter 01:
“The Bomber Girl Appears!”

[Download | Read Online (Coming soon!)]

Anyway! After much hemming and hawing on the subject, we’ve finally begun work on the definitive Slayers manga, Super Explosive Demon Story! “Gee,” you might think, “these guys sure love their Slayers. I wonder how I can get in on that?” THE ANSWER IS HERE, MY FRIENDS. RIGHT HERE. If you want to read the Slayers from a manga perspective, THIS is where you start. Right here! Chapter one! Ahhhh, STILL SPAZZING. GOD, I LOVE LINA. Y’all have no idea. But anyway! This chapter was edited by Tom the Mighty, typeset by ZippyZippy, translated by yours truly, and scanned and QC’d by Melfra! GIVE THANKS, FOR SLAYERS HAS RETURNED TO TURTLE PARADISE. The read online links will be up tomorrow! Also, in the interest of preserving our usual quality, I’ve taken down our previous translation work on volume 8. It’ll take us a while to get there, of course, but I’d like to redo that volume to meet our current standards.

And that’s all for this week! I know I said we would have some oneshots ready as well, but alas, that must wait until next Monday. Perhaps we’ll have some more Shouoto as well? Ho, ho, ho. We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, see you next Monday!

And you thought I meant an actual week!

You know, if there’s one thing I love doing, it’s letting people down. Think we’re not awesome? Oh. We’re amazing. See, I let people down by EXCEEDING THEIR EXPECTATIONS. After they get over the initial shock of, “Gee, whiz. =( I was wrong!” everybody’s like, “OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I’M SO GLAD I WAS WRONG!”

The point I’m trying to make is, remember how I said we’d release the new chapter of Junketsu Kareshi in about a week? Try two days. DJ! LIGHT UP THAT SMOOTH JAZZ, ‘CAUSE IT’S ABOUT TO GET STEAMY IN HERE.

Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 15:
“A Kiss for the Poison Princess?

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This chapter marks the inaugural project from our funkiest, freshest editor, Egotist! I’m laying down the rhymes with my sweet-ass typesetting and translating! And Melly’s here to say “God damn Reb you’re an embarrassment to us all TONE IT THE HELL DOWN” when she’s not screaming “OH MY GOD I LOVE ISUKA” while she keeps it all in check with the QC. POW! READ IT! LOVE IT! AND SPARE OUR LIVES!

And there you have it! Two new chapters of Junketsu Kareshi in about three days! (Eh, semantics.)

And now for something completely different! There’s been some confusion as to what donations are actually used for and what kind of privileges they entail, so I’d like to take a moment to clear some things up. Hit it!

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Say hello to everyone’s favorite (if not slightly psychotic) vampire (again)

You read that title right, ladies and gents! I’m pleased to announce that we have resumed work WITH A VENGEANCE on “Junketsu Kareshi!” Or “Pureblood Boyfriend” to those of you who prefer the translation, or even “He’s My Only Boyfriend” to the ones going by WHATEVER THE HELL that subtitle is supposed to mean.

We’d originally planned to release this in tandem with chapter 15, but hey, no point putting this one on the backburner while 15 and 16 are in QC at the moment (YES YOU HEARD ME), and this would be a fine reintroduction as any into the admittedly farked-up world of J+K.

Here’s where I go on and on about the boring parts — differences in versions! First off, the eye candy has been bumped up to a higher level than ever thought possible* by the new and improved volume release! We’ve got the cover and scads of new extras– both color and not!–, the translation has been slightly tweaked for clarity, and did I mention the scans are super freakin’ pretty? Thank Melfra for that. We’ve changed the main font for the series as well, and if you’re familiar with a certain TokyoPop release from way back in the 90s, you might get a giggle out of it.
*Your mileage may vary.

Junketsu+Kareshi Moonphase 14:
“Nicaea -Duel- (HQ)?

Read Online

The read online link will be available later in the day. (Melly’s got to do some funky things with the reader that I have noooo concept of, lawl)

This chapter! Translated by yours truly! Edited by yours truly! And…. typeset by yours truly? Aaand QC’d by Melfra. WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY HUH? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!

Ever since the eerily systematic disappearance of almost our entire staff (still looking into alien abduction theories, but the red tape’s really dragging me down; NEWS AT 11), it’s just been me, Melly, and our brand new BFF, Egotist, the new editor for J+K who you might remember from the last post. Thanks to that, our group vision has been, uhhhh KIND OF FOCUSED at the moment, which means in the past two weeks, we’ve blazed through MORE THAN 3/4 of volume 4, with volume 5 soon to come! We’ll be bumping up the release rate substantially, but please don’t expect us to release a chapter a week for god-knows-how-long, because we’d burn through the chapter backlog we’ve got going in no time at all, and that would put us at least five months behind while we waited for the new volume release. Keep in mind that there’s only a fresh chapter in Japan every month, and thanks to the rising costs of importing and a low (but slowly recovering!) USD to yen conversion rate, we simply can’t afford to import the magazines often enough to keep current with the land of the rising sun. We’ll be sticking with volume releases from now on, as we always have– and hell, with improved graphics like these, and extras like those, what’s not to like?

To wrap things up, thanks for sticking with us so long, folks. The majority of you have been very patient with us, but it’s all about to pay off! Until next time, REB OUT.

PS – We’ll be releasing 15 within the next week. Stay tuned!