The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day twelve: The F – A Story (FF9)

The F – A Story
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Author: Shirow Miwa/M.M.M Works (Gee)

Here it is, everyone, the final (story-based) chapter/book in The F, and it’s… Boy, is it a way to close out a great book. Hope you all enjoy. This one was edited by Tom the Mighty (per usual), scanned by Melfra (per usual), and typeset and translated by yours truly (also per usual. As far as doujinshi are concerned, anyway.)

And thus, we bring the 12 days of doujinshi to a close and with it we celebrate Turtle Paradise’s fifth anniversary! It’s been a slow few years, hasn’t it? But hey, with an active period like that, at least you know we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s come to the point where Melfra and I associate our birthday with this place anyway (being formed during one particularly heinous birthday bash), so if there ever comes a year where we don’t celebrate it with a mind-boggling amount of doujinshi, well, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fill that void.

Speaking of which, our regular releases resume this week! We’ll be closing the book (lol) on one of our favorites, but I think it’s high time we started expanding our project repertoire. Starting this year, doujinshi will no longer be restricted to a Twelve-Days only event, and we’ll continue releasing them whenever the heck we feel like it. There were quite a few doujinshi this year that just didn’t pan out due to time constraints (Mostly because The F was so damn good we couldn’t help giving over 5 days to it in favor of some other, slightly less-deserving of its ilk. Please see: about four freakin’ Slayers doujinshi, including yet ANOTHER Teinyu, halp), and we’d have to do 12 days for approximately the rest of our lives to barrel through our collection at the rate we’re going.

Between starting a new, soul-sucking job with a schedule that took WAY more getting used-to than I’d ever expected, plus a few serious financial crises, hospital stays, and a car wreck, I’d say 2013 was a shitty year for TP, release-wise. Here’s hoping 2014 will be nice and uneventful. Now go read some fuck-awesome doujinshi.

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day eleven: Snowdrop (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)

Series: The Girl who Leapt Through Time
Author: 0713 (Mameko)

Have a doujinshi about cuties being super cuties, OOPS IT’S SUPER SHOUJO. SORRY TOM. Also, the artist is FEROCIOUSLY on model for the movie, so much so that Melfra conducted a week-long search to see if the artist was on staff for the movie. She isn’t, but MAN, YOU’D BE FOOLED.

Edited and scanned by Melfra, translated and typeset by yours truly.

Enjoy! ONLY ONE DAY LEFT. Tomorrow’s festivities might be… uh… extreme.

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day ten: The F – Fragile II (FF8)

The F – Fragile II
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Author: Shirow Miwa/M.M.M Works (Gee)

The conclusion to Fragile. The fight scenes are badass, and so is Rinoa. In other news, MY NERVES ARE SHOT. I’d take a break, but I’m determined to see 12 days to its logical conclusion! Which is not FAILURE, thanks for the vote of confidence, NANNERS. Even if, like, three people are reading. WHATEVER MAN, I’M DOING IT FOR ALL THREE OF YOU.

The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day eight: The F – Fragile I (FF8)

The F – Fragile I
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Author: Shirow Miwa/M.M.M Works (Gee)

If you had to ask me what sort of storytelling Shirow Miwa excelled at, I’d say that’s a trick question because he’s a GOD and is perfect at everything, amen.

Seriously though, beware of intense nostalgia value when reading this doujin, holy god. Right after I read this story, I immediately hopped on the PSN and downloaded FF8 right then and there. Now the temptation to skip just one release to play it for a few hours is sooohooohooo strong. It’s funny because I remember hating it when I first played it as a kid, because I was still on a high from beating FF7 at least once a month and I was bitter that 8 wasn’t a direct sequel. Clearly the concept of “Final” Fantasy was lost on me back then, but it seems lost to the recent devs, too, so I guess I’m in fair company. (OHHH, SICK BURN.)

ANYWAY, this chapter was edited by Tom the Mighty, scanned by Melfra, and translated + typeset by yours truly. Enjoy!

By the way, fair warning: At the beginning of “The F,” there’s a small color gallery featuring the doujinshi covers for the books it compiles. We’ve made an attempt to insert those where they would introduce their respective books, but in certain cases, the page quality left… something to be desired. So while we’d love to put the cover for Fragile in, it just doesn’t meet our standards. But hey, there it is if you want to see it. Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll grab the physical books instead and scan ’em from there, idk.