12 Days of Doujinshi Day eight (FINAL) – Cardcaptor Sakura: Christmas Magic

Geeze, Sakura. At least you’re adorable

Welcome to day eight of our twelve days of Christmas doujinshi event, which, while with four days left and two days late, will be the final day of the event. (Sorry, guys! Christmas was busy! You understand, right? =D) Thanks for all the support this year! I’m kind of sad we didn’t make it to twelve days, but at least it’s better than the two days we had last year, right? In any case, we hope you enjoyed!

For today’s doujinshi, we have a sweet (and appropriately themed) Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi about cutting hair, unrequited love, and… Well, Christmas magic. It’s cute as all get-out (isn’t all CCS doujinshi?), while kind of sad at the same time, but we hope you enjoy it! And with that said, see you next year.

Download Cardcaptor Sakura doujinshi: Christmas Magic

12 Days of Doujinshi Day seven – Fullmoon wo Sagashite: Dear Moon

So, remember that 12 days of doujinshi thing? I’m going to do my damnedest to get back on track with that so we can finish up by Christmas. You’ll root us on, right? Heck yeah, I know you will. TP fans are nothing if not loyal, and let’s not take into consideration the fact that there’s just no one else out there who’s doing what we’re doing. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

On that note, we’re actually running short on doujinshi to do, so if any of you have any doujinshi to share (preferably short-ish, less than 40 pages ideally), drop us a line over at the forum! Only catch is, it’s got to be within the next 24 hours or there’s no way we’ll get to ’em… And preferably from series we’ve already done would be nice.

Now, about the doujinshi! First off, this was done by the circle Strawberry Lunch, which is actually made up of Minase Ai, one of Tanemura Arina’s own assistants, so you know it’s going to have that same Full Moon feel. In fact, I wonder if you can consider this canon…? Either way, the sketches at the end of the book include some from Shinshi Doumei Cross, which was first published in Ribon around the same time as this book was released, so you know that had to be a treat for fans. Anyway, enough of my babbling, GO DOWNLOAD IT.

Download Full Moon wo Sagashite doujinshi: Dear Moon

12 Days of Doujinshi Day six – Slayers: First

Well, guys… I slipped, and I feel pretty bad about it now. ;_; Oh well, at least you guys can expect TWO doujinshi today! Doesn’t that sound fun? I thought it might.

Download Slayers doujinshi: First

As you can see, another offering from Slayers! Granted, this one might not pack the same punch as Strahl, but hey. Gag doujinshi can have their day, too. The scans for this doujinshi were provided by the lovely Ryals-Shoal over at Livejournal, so be sure to show your appreciation!

12 Days of Doujinshi Day five – Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core: General Code

Shock! Gasp! Horror! Want to buy some flowers? Uh…

Our next installment! (My god, this must be some sort of record. Pray I don’t get burned out by the time day ten rolls around!) Join the cast (and crew? Naww.) of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core as everyone projects their fetishes on Zack and he remains… completely oblivious.

Geeze, why do I keep getting suckered into this BL stuff? Read it anyway, it’s funny. (And all totally one-sided, so maybe it doesn’t count?) And pay attention to the second story! You miiight see something familiar…

Download Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core doujin: General Code

12 Days of Doujinshi Day four – The Mythical Detective Loki: The Case of the Mythical Detective

Psht, you know Hemu likes it. He just doesn’t want his secret given away!

So. I’ll bet yesterday you were thinking to yourself, “Self, I’ll bet the reason TP didn’t release a doujinshi until almost MIDNIGHT yesterday was because they’re behind schedule!” OH, NON, NON, NON, MON AMI! (Is that even right? Psht, I haven’t taken French since high school. DON’T JUDGE ME) The fact is, we’re going STRONG! But I can’t help but think the hammer’s gonna drop one of these days… Yegads.

Anywho, on to the doujinshi! It’s got crossdressing! MAIDS! (a personal preference of mine <3) And... Wait, what do you MEAN it's got flavors of BL? Oh goddammit, I just can't get away from this stuff! Give me some good ol' fashioned het, you stingy doujin authors! Download The Mythical Detective Loki doujin: The Case of the Mythical Detective