Things are looking weird around here…

Recent WordPress updates caused the index page to go completely insane. Being that I have zero experience with actually customizing WordPress, I’ve been spending my Saturday fumbling around, trying to rebuild the site from scratch to protect it from this in the future. I’m not terribly happy with the changes rolling out with 3.7, so all I can say to my fellow devs is – be careful when you upgrade! Even if the worst had happened, we still have backups, but dealing with a failure like this is always scary.

Aside from looking… well, horrible, there is a new addition to the header image. Rebmastu makes it a point to complain regularly about the difficult navigation on the site, and while no one has actually mentioned it to me, I’m sure some people have gotten confused by it in the past. There are now links in the header area to go to the various sections of the side, and the links to both the tumblr and twitter are in the sidebar.

Please let me know of any suggestions to make the site a little better right now. I’m infinitely frustrated with, well, everything, and the absolute last thing I want to do is roll out a site that is simply “good enough.” Well, that’s obviously what’s happened now, but hopefully there is some groundwork in place to make things better in the future.

Let this serve as a reminder: When you press that “update” button, never think to yourself, “this never goes wrong, but I definitely don’t want things going bad tonight!”

Does Turtle Paradise attract amazing people?

by ninani at Pixiv

With our massive Shouoto and Lost Universe blowout yesterday, Rebmastu mentioned our current financial predicament involving the domain name renewal… And you guys stepped up to the plate. Hard. I mean it, that goal was knocked square out of the park, and I am totally baffled by how amazing you all are. I really don’t even know how to thank you guys ;_; We currently have nearly $90 in the pot (so to speak), meaning not only has the domain renewal fee been paid, but now we’re also able to pay for last month’s issues of Aria and Asuka, which… okay, I’ll admit it, we’ll be lucky if anywhere still has them in stock OTL But thanks to you guys, we still have a shot at getting current content!

So this is where I’ll open the floor for comments. I can’t make any guarantees, but what series do you guys want to see us release? Is it Barajou? Birdcage Manor? SLH? Junketsu+Kareshi? Mebius Gear? Lost Universe? Flower Thieves? Or perhaps some new projects? Like I said, I can’t make any guarantees, but this is a good place to let your comment be heard if you’re really itching for something =D

And again, we love you all so bad it hurts. So bad.

Comments closed! We still love you guys, but I think we’ve got enough to go on now =D Oh my God, I can’t believe no one wants Flower Thieves ;_;

We’re interactive?!

In light of the recent release delays, which are mentioned on the twitter but not the main site, We’ve integrated the feed into our sidebar. Well… I talk about really pointless stuff too, like Anis’ armpits and short things that aren’t worth mentioning here. So feel free to follow us and don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Day three (of twelve) – Icyhot!

The quality of a CCS doujin is reflected by the amount of blushing contained therein… right?

Going into this post, ignore two points. First, ignore that I am not Reb. Second, ignore that this is the second CCS doujin in a row. Come on, you love it anyway, don’t you? That’s what I thought! Has anyone ever noticed it’s usually Sakura doing all the talking in these doujins?

Download Cardcaptor Sakura Doujinshi: Rakka Ryuusui

Anyway, more Patisserie, with scans (again, I believe) by Tinuleaf @ Livejournal. In this story… Syaoran is worried. THE END!

12 Days of Doujinshi: a primer (?)

I’ve written this post three times in the last hour, with each entry getting worse than the last. I’ve talked about Christmastide and how it’s a cool word; horrible Christmas music and how… horrible it is, and then I’ve just gone on long, excessive diatribes about the history of the group in general. Then I realized how little I cared about those posts, and how little other people would care by extension, and decided that short and sweet is the way to go, so here we go.

Turtle Paradise started out translating doujinshi* until we were derailed by manga like Datenroku, Slayers, and Barajou. But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel like jerks for it, so once a year we bust out those books and attempt to translate 12 doujinshi for 12 Days of Christmas (usually leading up to Christmas, but with a 100% fail rate!). This year I remembered that- oh crap, our anniversary is on January 6th, which happens to fall on the last day of the traditional 12 days, so we said screw it and we’re going that way this year.

*doujinshi: an independently published comic that isn’t isn’t sanctioned by any larger company or publishing house. Usually centered around a preexisting franchise (like Slayers), but it’s often used for original stories, too.

Eventually I’ll be coding up something so you can read doujinshi online. Not right now, tho =D