Wallowing in a puddle of video games and bad animu, but other than that…

Ah, excuses. I seem to be full of them, but none of them seem to be any good. For better or worse, I’m watching AnoHana, and I’ve heard… things about said series. Pretty good things, for the most part, but I’m expecting to be devastated by the end. (No spoilers, ladies and gents!)

Welcome to Monday’s releases! Well… Tuesday’s releases? Anyway, my schedule got changed at work recently, so it was hard finding the right timing to do releases, and by golly, I’m hell-bent and determined to keep it as close as possible. Now let’s get to it beforeI lose my nerve and decide to put this off until next week. Again. Hah.

Tsukuroiya chapter 2:
“The Reflective Lake?

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First up, one we haven’t seen ’round here in a while! It’s business as usual for Rem and his new traveling companion. In this chapter, they visit a strange lake in a town where kids keep going missing under the strangest circumstances. Also, Kukuru is adorable, and Rem is a shit-stirrer as always. Anway! This chapter was translated and typeset by yours truly, edited by Rainstride, and QC’d/scanned by Melfra. If you’re not reading it yet, you should be!

Junketsu+Kareshi chapter 17:

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I said we were picking up the pace, didn’t I? Well, er, relatively speaking. Anyway, there’s a fabulous glossary of terms in the back of the book, so get your read on and edumacate yourselves, y’all. On a slightly related note, I love the hell out of Suzuran, and I desperately want her to become a recurring character. She’s a classy sass-master in the body of a wheelchair-bound loli. Not sure where I’m going with that one, but… Anyway.
This chapter closes out volume 4! CELEBRATE! Oh, and there’s been a super slight alteration with chapter 16, so there’s a v2 available. It’s nothing major, just rephrased a line on page 117.
That said! This chapter was edited by Egoist, typeset and translated by yours truly, and scanned and QC’d by Melfra.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next time for some more Slayers, and some other stuff if I get around to it. Also, we’ll probably be opening up a few positions in few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that. (For everyone who’s applied in the last week, I’m sorry! I’ll get back to you soon! Like I said, my new schedule is totally borking me up.)

Oh, and please don’t upload these to any online readers for at least 24 hours. ENJOY YOUR MANGA.

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Congratulations. You may now eat.


Oh my whole month just got made! Thank you for J+K!!


Thank you all so much for J+K TTwTT

Tsukuroiya keeps throwing me off with its moe character vibes mixed with random creepy vibes from the story. For some reason this particular chapter really got to me. I think I am weak with the whole concept of there being another world inside a mirror. I expect its residents to be actually evil and trying to kill their counterparts (aka us), not to be nice and adorable like these ones turned out to be. Thanks for the releases as usual, your quality just can’t be beaten. Good luck with rl stuff and stop tempting us so much with Slayers, seriously,… Read more »

You guys are alive… praiiiiise be upon the heavens…

Yes yes, definitely grateful for the releases, though understand that there is such a thing as real life. Heh.

Lots of <3


Hey if volume 4 is done and u need a help getting vol 5 im totally down with helping :) Let me know <3