Twelve Days of Doujinshi, Day 8: Ten year-olds in love

Generally I’m not a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura romance, but even my blackened heart was touched by this one. Until they started throwing around “I LOVE YOU”s. At that point it’s like… Really? You’re ten years old, kid. Lil’ young, don’t you think? Bah, who am I to judge. ON WITH IT!

Attraction of the Heart
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Author: Suzuko Sahara (Patisserie)

This doujinshi was brought to you by a joint editing effort by ZippyZippy and yours truly (granted, I only played with the levels lol), scanned by an anonymous donor over at Livejournal (I’m sorry, donor! I seem to have lost your name!), and translated, again, by the one and only moi.

Coming up tomorrow, probably more Slayers! (2013: THE YEAR OF LINA INVERSE)


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