It’s Christmas! TURTLE STYLE

There’s something in the air, turtles. (That comma’s important because, let’s face it, as cool as it might be, there is no such thing as an air-turtle). It smells of pine trees, freshly baked cookies, warm eggnog. Ahh, the scent of late December. Yet one scent pervades all others. It is the smell… …Of total and utter despair. You think we have forsaken you, turtles? You think we have forgotten you and your craving, nay, your need for translations ranging from the guilty pleasures of Aya Shouoto to the swashbuckling adventures of one Lina Inverse and her motley crew? Perish the thought! For your turtles are BACK, turtles, and boy, do we have a treat (or twelve!) for you!


“But Reb,” you say, “what the in Davey Jones’ greasy dreadlocks is The Twelve Days of Doujinshi?!” I’m glad you asked, my reptilian friend, and kudos on the nautical reference! LET’S KEEP IT SIMPLE: Every year, we select twelve of the worst, the best, doujinshi known to the internet, yet tragically bereft of English translations, and we translate one a day for exactly twelve days leading directly up to the anniversary of Turtle Paradise Scanlations on the 6th of January. Last year we didn’t get to have it, and, well… WE’RE A DAY LATE SO FAR. Par for the course when it comes to your favorite turtles, of course, but we’ll have a double-day later on to make up for it.

With that said, let’s introduce our first entry for the year!

Magic Gunner Rin #4
Series: Type-Moon (Fate/Stay Night)
Author: Baselard

This saw a sudden resurgence in popularity a few months ago when certain online readers (eh, the usual suspects) decided to start hosting doujinshi as well. That’s one of the many reasons that we’ve decided to kick off this year’s Twelve Days with a group favorite, Magic Gunner Rin! Hell, you don’t even have to be familiar with Fate/Stay Night to enjoy this one — In fact, I can wholly recommend going into this one cold-turkey, since it ignores most of the rules of the world anyway, lawl. So enjoy the adventures of Magic Gunner Rin as we close off the Fate/Stay Night arc! (Sans the extra chapter, of course– but that’ll come later!) This chapter was edited by c0de_da1sy, typeset by ZippyZippy, scanned by Melfra, and edited by yours truly. Stay tuned for more from Magic Gunner Rin in the coming week!




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