Introducing the king of moe

Fangirls, fanboys, and casual readers in-between, lend me your ears! Tonight I impart upon your unready eyes a vision of the ultimate prince of moe! Okay, okay, I might be exaggerating. Lately he’s been more gar than moe tbh, especially with the sequence of stunts he pulled last chapter. Of whom do I speak, you ask? I’ll bet you already know! It’s…!

Barajou no Kiss, Punishment 35: Heart and Mind
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I hereby crown Seiran Asagi the undisputed king of moe. What’s this?! We have a challenger!! It’s none other than… Kaede Higa? Sorry, but you’re just a little awkward. You’re moe, but your shoujo heroine antics cancel you out as the forerunner for the title. It’s okay, bro. You’re still aces in my book.

This chapter! Typeset and translated by yours truly! Edited by c0de_da1sy! And QC’d by Melfra! This chapter continues our recent spree of fabulous extras, and by fabulous extras I mean a spin-off pamphlet begging you for fan input on the series. Although I would be interested on what people come up with for the caption contest… Leave your comments!

And speaking of comments, we’ve disabled commenting on the series pages because certain people are getting way out of hand.

I’ve heard enough about Junketsu. We’ve ALL heard enough about Junketsu. Here on the site, on twitter, IN EMAIL. Look, you guys are starting to make this feel like a job, and I shell out my OWN money (in excess of $100 a month, HEY FEEL FREE TO DONATE TO HELP OFFSET THAT) to do this as is. We know it’s been a long time since we last did anything on the series, and that point is valid. But I think it’s time to back off, because you’re not helping your case; you’re demotivating anyone on the staff even remotely interested in working on it (read: ME). I look at a chapter of Junketsu on my hard drive and try to motivate myself to work on it but I CAN’T, because I think of all the horrible comments we get, all the horrible emails we get, and I think to myself, “Do I really feel like rewarding that kind of behavior?” The short answer of it is no, I don’t. I know there are a lot of you who aren’t so aggressive and downright RUDE about it, and I hope that the people ruining it for everyone else will find it in themselves to step up and apologize. Until we get less pressure on this front, I’m not touching it. Not until I can look at a chapter and not be overcome by the urge to shut the damn site down and go back to working exclusively on doujinshi like we used to.

WELP, GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST. Apologies to anyone not particularly affected by it, or anyone who doesn’t care to hear about it.



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