Another release!? By George, I think you’ve got it! We’ve been ridiculously productive lately and a lot of our series are coming to a end very, very soon, so keep those peepers peeled, ’cause we’re about to go indulgent on your reader arses.

Oh! Speaking of which, we’ve got a few new announcements! Firstly, Melfra just finished revamping the online reader! Not only is the layout badass as all get-out, but for those of you who shied away because the images were TOO DAMN BIG, she also added an option to resize the pages — and it still looks better than anything else you’ll find on any other reader. (Mangafox, I’m looking at you and your shitty resize algorithms.) Give ‘er a whirl and tell us what you think! (Coming soon: Oneshots and doujinshi!)

Second, and this is more of a reminder than anything, you can now find us on Tumblr!

And now that we’ve got that out of the way, IT’S NEW RELEASE TIME.

Bet you thought I was going to use Kain and or Milly again. Fair assumption. I ship it with the fury of fifteen dying suns.
Lost Universe, LOST 19: [THE LAST]
Read Online

IN THIS CHAPTER OF LOST UNIVERSE! Text and imperfections were BLASTED with impudence by c0de_da1sy! Letters were affixed in place with a SPACE STAPLER by Zippy! And at the control panel was Melfra, monitoring our progress and making sure we didn’t take the whole damn ship down with us. (Meanwhile, I stood at the helm muttering about fate and destiny just moments before we were blasted into oblivion by the good ship QUALITY, so I guess none of it really mattered anyway.)

ENJOY YOUR READ, ME HARTIES This post is now a seafaring joke. SERIES ENDS NEXT CHAPTER! (Then again, there’s a whole ‘nuther EX volume after this, so take that as you will, lawl)

Again, we’re still looking for staff! Sudden change of heart: ALL POSITIONS ARE NOW OPEN! We’ve got spots for typesetters, QCs, and editors! What are the benefits to joining staff? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED. Get first crack at claiming projects! YOU decide what’s released next! YOU decide what to work on! And you get to read new chapters before anybody else, plus access to RIDICULOUS staff events! (Like meetups, cookie exchanges, and generally really weird, stupid, and/or awesome shit.) We’re in OMEGA need of editors, because we legit have NO ONE. Halp. Halp us plz.




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