The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor just need a nap

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 18:
“Home: The Reasons We Run, and What it Means to Stay (III)

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Editor: Sakana-san; Typesetter: ZippyZippy; QC’d by: Melfra and Clov3r; Translator: Rebmastu

Hah! How do you like THAT for succinct, Melly!? Juuust kidding wink wink nudge nudge yaknow what I mean? Seriously though, I know for every person who leaves an awesome comment saying they enjoy the posts (and I love you guuuuys), there have to be fifty others thinking, “JUST SHUT UP AND GIVE US THE CHAPTER ALREADY!” So there you go. I am a slave to the ratio, weeping. Weeping.

You know what? Maybe brevity can be nice every once in a while. I think I’ll close ‘er out tonight with the usual begging and pleading: We need editors, first off. Ours are gone. Kaput. Totally vanished. I know not where; perhaps to more active pastures? (lolol) Especially for Barajou and Junketsu Kareshi, the latter of which seems to have gotten a second, clearly terrifying wind on the site, and a smattering of other new projects that you’d have to be staff to be privy to, HOHOHO.

We’ve gotten a lot of typesetter applicants lately which is great! Thanks, guys! Unfortunately, we’re looking for people to typeset series like Mebius, but y’all are minors and I don’t want to go to jail. So there’s that. Haaa.

That is all! Happy reading.

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ahg! estube esperando esto por tanto tiempo!! entraba a la pagina y esperaba la actualizacion y no aparecia y queria lloraar T.T. ademas no encuentro los raws en internet y me pone mas ansiosa!!! como hacen??? bueno no importa, graciaas!!! espero proximamente el siguiente capitulo!!!!


Thank you for the release~
Oh Yuuki… he’s so awesome. If only he were real!! XD
I’m sorry to hear about your editors. Perhaps they were cast into a parallel universe… Good luck on all your future endeavors!!


Yea for more Birdcage!
I can’t believe it’s almost over!


Thanks so much for Birdcage Yuuki is such a darling^^

love & peace

YAAAAY for another release!! u guys just made meh day! today i found out that i have fractured meh foot so i wouldnt say meh is in the best mood! but u guys have changed it for meh!
thank u so much and hope u’ll find more staff :D


Thanks for the new chapter!!! Love it!!!


thanks a lot! luv you guys :3


YAY!! Thank you so much for the release!!


Yeahhhh! Another chapter of Birdcage! THanks so much! Your guys’ scans are top notch, super high quality; the best~!


Thanks for all the nice chappies recently (Lost Universe, Birdcage), they really shorten these way too long and hot summer days.
As usual, your work is great.
And so is the new reader. :)


Deprived, I want the next chapter already! D:


Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … so cloooooooooooose…

I want it to end as a threesome. :P~

Thanks for the release TP. :)