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Ahem. WELCOME TO NEW RELEASE DAY. In typical Turtle Fashion (TM), we’re bringing you… the same damn series we released two weeks ago? Well, ha-ha. Ain’t that grand. GOOD THING THEY’RE MY FAVORITES. (Disclaimer: EVERY TURTLE PROJECT IS MY FAVORITE.) Also ditching the “24 hours before download is available” thing ’cause it didn’t work out anyway. SOBBING GET MY STUFF OFF YOUR READERS GUYS, YOU’RE DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF SCANLATIONS. ALSO. Stick around after the release announcements to see why the hell it’s still taking us so long to release stuff, and what you might be able to do to help.

Lost Universe Lost 17: Sacrifice II
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This chapter is why I hate Canal with everything I have. I don’t care how they try to explain it all away later on. I see this figure, and all the only expression I see on her face is “Teehee, I AM SATAN.”

THIS BALL OF EVERYTHING THAT GIVES ME RAGE was typeset, as always, by the lovely ZippyZippy, edited by c0de_da1sy, and QC’d by Melfra. NEXT!

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 17:
“Home: The Reasons We Run, and What it Means to Stay (II)

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You know, I’m surprised there wasn’t any discussion about how the way Kizuna acted last chapter. It wasn’t necessarily out-of-character, but it kind of ticked me off all the same. OH WELL SHE’S BACK TO HER MOE-MOE ANTICS THIS TIME AROUND. And then… Well. Asai’s a dick, okay. Let’s leave it at that.

Edited by c0de_da1sy, typeset by Zippy, and QC’d by Melfra and Clov3r. YES THAT WAS THE BEST I COULD COME UP WITH, SORRY GUYS. OTL Hey, I’m burninated out.


Barajou no Kiss – Remember when Mommy said she didn’t have a favorite? Mommy lied. It’s no secret that Barajou no Kiss is my favorite ever, right up there with Slayers (sorry Anis, there’s no usurping that title, but you can try!), so it’s especially sucked that we haven’t been able to release anything for it lately. Basically, one of our cleaners ran off with the cleans. A while ago. So what should have been a quick two day typesetting job turned into a two-week editing frenzy between Zippy, Melfra, and myself– and we’re not even editors. No worries though, 34 is in QC at the moment, so that should be surfacing shortly.

Junketsu Kareshi – The redheaded stepchild, lol. Frankly, it’s on hiatus. We NEED, NEED, NEED editors for this if it’s going to get off the ground, because nobody on staff wants anything to do with it. I haven’t made the series’ status a closely guarded secret or anything, but for those who don’t feel like reading the project page, no, we don’t have volume 4 yet, (That would be the continuation of where we left off) because importing shit is expensive as hell and I just can’t afford it right now. As also previously stated, when we pick it up, it’ll be from the very beginning, interspersed with some of the more recent chapters, because frankly, I don’t agree with the previous translation. And the previous translation doesn’t agree with the current events. That’s not to say mine is perfect, though — I’ve already mistranslated a few things with the chapters we’ve done, and I need to rectify those when the time comes. Long story short, we need more people on staff who are interested in this, or it’s not going anywhere. Hit the forum and do the editing test to see if you’ve got the skillz.

Mebius Gear – Needs INTERESTED TYPESETTERS. Like, “HEY REB HURRY THE FUCK UP I WANT TO TYPESET THIS” interested. It’s kind of at a standstill because it’s a legit pain in the ass to typeset, and I’m not spreading my time between Shouoto and Mebius, lawl.

Super Darling! – Should have been done two months ago, but w/e. This is going to need dedicated editors, and I mean DEDICATED, because it’s seriously making Fishiko short-circuit.

Long story short: We need editors freakin’ BAD. Typesetters only if you’re interested in Mebius. (And tell me so when you’re taking the test, a’ight?) Also, due to popular demand, the donate button’s back up. Yaaaaay.



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