Welcome to the Lost Universe of Birdcage Manor?

So at the moment I imagine a lot of you are making a face not unlike our dear Kizuna’s (see below) at the moment, and you know, that’s totally justifiable, considering it’s, uh… Well, it’s been a while since our last release, hasn’t it? As far as excuses are concerned, I don’t have much of one. Melly and the majority of the Turtle crew, including myself, have been swamped in exam hell and the overload that entails for the last month or so, leaving us precious little time to do anything other than stuff cheap and unhealthy sustenance down our gullets every now and again.

“But Reb,” you say, “What about bathing?

F*ck bathing.

All excuse-making aside, we’re really getting into the homestretch of Birdcage now with only five chapters left (two of which are already in QC, HOLY CATS), so we’re going to be exposed to some real end-game action (coming soon, to a reader near you.) But you know what makes Birdcage so boss? Even in end-game Birdcage, the character development never stops! HURRAY!

The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor chapter 16:
“Home: The Reasons We Run, and What it Means to Stay (I)
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Typeset this time around by ZippyZippy, edited by Sakana-san (with her fishy, fishy eyes, teehee), and QC’d by both Melfra and Clov3r.

And speaking of character development and end-game progress, Lost Universe is right up there with Birdcage. We’ve only got four chapters to go at this point, and certain characters are going to start doing things that will shock the hell out of you. Chapter 17’s in QC at the moment, and after Melly read that one, well… She was inconsolable. With RAGE! So if this one dropped off your radar, it’s time to put ‘er back on.

Lost Universe Lost 16: Sacrifice
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This chapter has been brought to you by the speedy typesetting skillz of Zippy, edited by dexterous and nimble hands of c0de_da1sy, and QC’d by Melfra, because she makes me sound smrt. (Clov3r was too busy being awesome.)

On that note, I’ve recently had the, uh, dubious privilege of watching the Lost Universe anime for the first time, and I can see where some of the initial doubt came from when we first announced we’d be picking up this title. If you’ve been hesitating to pick the series up because the anime left a bad taste in your mouth, stop. Right now. And start reading the manga. You will not regret it. One of the more heinous omissions on the anime’s part was its adaptation of the manga equivalent of chapters 12-14, featuring Jess and Melina, which seriously glossed over their deal to the point where you weren’t quite sure what everyone was freaking out about by the time shit hit the fan. I’m not sure which is closer to the original novel, but either way, the manga is vastly, vastly, vastly superior to the anime and definitely deserves a chance to stand on its own without prior bias.



18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Lost Universe of Birdcage Manor?

  1. Noir Schist says:

    Who cares about how long you haven’t released anything? It’s Birdcage! *SQUEEE* Thanks very much for your work!
    I must say, the cover page this time was totally… you know, you could spend a few hours looking at it =D And the next 2 chaps are being QCed?! YEAH MAN!(On that note, g’luck to the people doing exams~)

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you for translating the 16 chapter of Lost Universe!

    And as for the anime… I agree that the manga is much better. Yet, I still like the anime. In fact, I wouldn’t be now reading the manga had I not watched the anime years ago. The ending made me cry ;_;

  3. BengalCatGirl says:

    Thanks for the Birdcage chapter!!! Have to admit though, I am curious when you’ll release another Junketsu + Kareshi chapter. Still Birdcage rocked!!! Thanks for getting it up!!

  4. Melfra says:

    Thanks for the Birdcage chapter!!! Have to admit though, I am curious when you’ll release another Junketsu + Kareshi chapter. Still Birdcage rocked!!! Thanks for getting it up!!

    If you’re curious about Junketsu, please check out our twitter. It’s been talked about over the last few days.

  5. Scarlet says:

    Thanks for the updates!! And don’t worry, exams are coming up for me too, and probably with everyone else! We all experienced the pressure at one point or another, so you don’t have to make an excuse. I hope you guys are doing well :) That’s all that matters!

  6. ScarletRebelllion13 says:

    My bud saw Avengers and said there was alot of hot guys. And Iron Man was consistently wearing a Black Sabbath shirt (lulz).

  7. Keke says:

    Yayyyyy! Another chapter to read~ I love this manga actually! It’s so.. unique! In a good way! Thanks for doing the scanlations and everything! The best! Keep up the good work!

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