In the saddle, ready for battle AKA, The End

Sure, it might not have been our most popular title, but boy howdy, words can’t express how much love we had for Wild Arms over here at Turtle HQ. Y’all can say what you want, but Maxi is the moe-est kid EVER. Speaking of which, this was published around the same time that Ooba Wakako started doing the designs for Wild ARMS 3. Maybe that explains some things? Such as Guy being a dead-ringer for Clive. HAW.

There’s only one gal with the typographical know-how necessary to wrangle in a title like this, and that’s Zippy! And who’s the mastermind behind all this here GRAPHICAL MASTERY? Why, it’s c0de_da1sy! And let’s not forget Melfra, without whom, hell, this project wouldn’t have been possible. (I’ll tell you what, guys– She was so hell-bent and determined to do this project, she dropped $80 on the two-volume set! HOO BOY, NOW THAT’S DEDICATION.) Now get readin’, y’all!

Read Wild Arms: Flower Thieves, Fleur 12: A Rival– And a Friend? [End]Online
Download Wild Arms: Flower Thieves, Fleur 12: A Rival– And a Friend? [End]

Now, I must beg our readers for a favor! As a lot of you have pointed out, we took our donation button down quite a while ago due to, well, a crisis of morality. But the thing is, the expenses for TP come entirely out of my and Melly’s pockets, and we could use some help offsetting the cost, so instead of accepting donations, we’ve decided to set up a sales account on Livejournal to sell off some of our anime/manga goods. We’ll be updating regularly, so keep checking in to see if anything catches your eye! If you don’t want to set up an account, feel free to either PM me (rebmastu) on the forum, or drop a comment here.

Anywho, happy Saturday!



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