Somebody needs to coin a term combining moe and gar

Anis is pretty much the closest thing you can get to Gar in a girly comic series, as far as I’m concerned. I WILL HEAR NO OTHER OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER.

If you’re one of the few who dropped Barajou because it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, now’s a good time to pick it back up. Starting with this chapter, we’re plunging headlong into an arc that’s still ongoing in the magazine (as of ch. 36), and it’s BRICK-SHITTING AWESOME, JSYK. I would also like to state for the record that I would bag Itsushi in a New York minute, and Schwartz too, for that matter. You guys can fight over everybody else.

Editing this time around was brought to you by c0de_da1sy, and her mind-breaking editing skillz, followed up by a power-QC from Melfra and cl0ver. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

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And thanks for all your well-wishes last week! Melly’s more or less good as new… Still sore, but definitely better. (And less cranky, too. THANK GOD.)


25 thoughts on “Somebody needs to coin a term combining moe and gar

  1. Atianatay says:

    lol y’know, I’m kinda turning into a Haruto fan. XD lol can’t help it! He’s just so…so…Haruto! I wonder when Tenjo is gonna get a real shot at Anis because, honestly, she thinks he’s so gaudy and grody the chances of them being together are slim… so I hope that some more Tenjo-Anis development happens in future just to keep things spicy!

    P.S. Itsushi is just too adorable and shwartz is a pretty smokin’ older man if I do say so myself (although he sure as hell doesn’t look it)

  2. lucia says:

    OHMYGAWD YES! im so glad hes back xD. thanx again for all the hard work at turtle paradise!!! im so rooting for anis and h@&%to [in case theres someone who still cant figure it out. -_-] to get together. thats totally not gunna happen but it should. and youd think anis would be a little more…corrupted[?] from like…all her family members like abondoning her…and most of her friends…LOL welp, jussayin. thanks again!!!! BNK X 4EVUH ;3

  3. Athena says:

    I love this story!! I love Kaede and cant wait for his awaking! Thanks for all the hard work on these chapters. Some of the best work I’ve seen. Can’t wait for more. Thanks Again! Athena

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