Friends? I thought they were farkin’ married for how much they bicker… And tie each other up.

Edit: okay, so apparently the great, big “do not upload for twenty-four hours” text wasn’t big enough for mangareader. Seriously guys? What the fuck.



Second stage: Aw, forget it. It is Tuesday, and we are releasing. But at least our last release was on Thursday! See, guys? You DO get sped-up releases now! Can you feel the excitement in the air!? Oh… Wait, that’s just the humidity.

First off, is Barajou no Kiss, which we’ve woefully neglected as of late in favor of beating its redheaded step-cousin, SLH, out the door. Fear not, readers, for we are ready to push, instead, for more chapters of Barajou! HUZZAH~ FYI, this chapter takes place the day after the events that took place at Tenjoh’s house. Yes, all of it. I like the sense of continuity in this series. =D This chapter was touched by C0de_Da1sy’s nimble editing fingers, and beat over the head with Melfra’s QC hammer. GET TO IT.

Download Barajou no Kiss chapter 25: A Day in the Girl’s Life
Read Barajou no Kiss chapter 25: A Day in the Girl’s Life online

Also, that color page was a bitch to detext, and I’m kind of regretting not doing it at a larger size, just because it might be nice to have hanging around… As a poster on my wall. OH WELL. (Melly did Kaede’s trim. Looks friggin’ sweet, doesn’t it?) Also, this tropes entry describes pretty much everything I love about Barajou. (The last paragraph of the summary, at least.) HELL YEAH, SOMEONE GETS IT!

Second up, to help ease the pain of waiting for volume 3 (which won’t arrive at TP HQ until at least the beginning of June), here’s a special Birdcage Manor “Premium Book,” and premium it is… This prime piece of printing paradise ran us just over $80! But come on, it’s Birdcage. How can you expect us to resist? (Also, this is why I hate it when people refuse to support the industry – Melly and I spend around $50 in imports alone every month!) At any rate, included in this mini-book is a short comic, production sketches and notes from Takarai Rihito (Glee!) and a few pages of short four-panel gags. It’s awesome, and we hope you love it, too. Anywho, this one was edited (GASP!) by Melfra, typeset by Zippy, and QC’d by both Melfra and Clov3r.

Download The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor: Premium Book
Read The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor Premium Book online

Thanks for the support last time, guys! I didn’t see anyone upload before our time frame was up. =D Appreciated. And as always, feel free to hit that “donate” button up at the top-left of the site if you’ve got the time/cash. All donations go towards projects both current and upcoming (and boy do we have a lot of those in the works- but more on that later!) and server costs for the site.


24 thoughts on “P-P-P-Polarized!

  1. Prettyvillain says:

    Thank you so much for the new Barajou chapter (and your online reader), I just spent quite a while tonight catching up. Can’t wait for the near future chapters, as I’ve seen them in Asuka but can’t read Japanese…

  2. ClaireDeLune says:

    My best friend had never read manga before, but I just got her totally HOOKED on Barajou!!! XD Thank you so much for what you guys do. It’s great, really. Barajou and S.L.H. are pretty much my favorite mangas in the whole world.

  3. Mary*Read says:

    Thank you very much for the scan of Birdcage Manor!! A huge THANKS to you!! It’s such a great manga!! No doubt! I always look forward to your release of this. T_T So much, to the point I check the site every single day! Even though I know that won’t be possible. T_T huhu. That’s why, really appreciate your works! Please keep up the good work! Thank you! ^^

  4. orangie says:

    OMG this premium book sounds just heavenly!!!!!!!!!! ackkkkkk i loveeeeee birdcage so much!!!!(i’m always staring at your birdcage page checking to make sure i have the latest chapter… and just stare at hte picture for no reason sometimes..)
    the premium book is still downloading, but i just KNOW that i’ll enjoy it and love it as much as you did!(i’d buy it if i could but… i don’t even have money to spare for gas these days, as gas prices in the US is skyrocketing to the point i’d rather just buy myself some donuts and walk to school… if only school was not 30 minutes away BY CAR for me. D:)
    omg omg omg omg!!!! download finished!! i’m gonna go enjoy your newly scanlated book and cry rainbows and unicorns for you!!!

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