Coming to you live, yet half dead!

I said we’d finish it eventually, and by god we have! Here’s a new Slayers doujinshi, FINALLY, for your reading pleasure. Oh, but don’t get me wrong. There are still at least two more I want to get done in hopefully short order, so look forward to those! (I won’t give a time-frame, because I am absolutely positively AWFUL with keeping deadlines, so there.)

Download Slayers Doujinshi: Triple Great

Brought to you care of scans by ryals_shoal over at Livejournal (Who you may remember scanned in First, as well.), editing by Tom the Mighty, and QC’d by Melfra. Enjoy, Slayers fans!

On an entirely different topic, I am not touching SLH until the asshole comments STOP. You want to pay us for this? Fine, but until then, we don’t respond well to inflammatory “Work your butts off,” and “Why’s it so hard to release the next chapter?” comments. You’re not even being half as cute as you think you are.

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I apoligize for all the idiots who are trying to be cute. Do your best, guys! We appreciate you hare work!


Agree! You work is very very very appreciated, and besides, waiting for a new chapter is like waiting for Christmas! It’s worth it all, thanks to you guys!


Indeed, your work is really much appreciated!
To be honest, ofcourse I check every week to check the new releases and ofcourse I bounce up and down on my chair when one of the manga’s I follow is released. And it’s worth the wait, seriously!
If people want a new chapter, they should translate themselves… It takes up a lot of time, and it’s just as you say, people have a life besides sitting behind a computer making scan/translations… At least I do…

You guys just take the time you need~!


I think you guys are awesome! The asshole comments as you put it are from sad necrophiles who havent got anything better to do than make other people’s life as dead as their’s. Whoo now that’s out of my system just want to say THANKS!:)


Ohhhhh Excellent ^^
2 more ? o_o
It’s like another doujin week only for Slayers ! Nice.

Don’t worry, we don’t care if you’re late as soon as the work is good.

Bon courage vous ^^


You guys were the first website that scanlates that I started following obsessively. Don’t worry about the pressures that other people try to put on you; I will always love you for SLH and Barajou. Keep up the good work! And remember, although they are going about it the wrong way, the @$$holes who are trying to hurry you up just appreciate/covet the chapters, and want more. Thank you for everything!


More Slayers! You spoil us THANK YOU~


Waa! Thank you for your hard work~ And it`s good to see more Slayers!(specially since in Argentina we don`t have the Novels… not even the Mangas…)
I like the GourryxLina~ even though I like better ZelgadisxAmelia :3 But ah well, it is cute anyways!


You guys give us something to enjoy throughout the week, so thank you very much for ur scanlations! I know that both me and my sister and many of the other turtle paradise readers sincerely appreciate the hard work you guys have to do to translate and post up the new chapters each week. Screw the assholes who told you to work ur butts off. They’re impatient and have nothing better to do but harass others when they SHOULD BE THANKING YOU.


Thanks for translating SLH in the first place. It is so great of you so take as long as you need. I can’t blame you for not wanting to upload more if that is what those rude impatient people say. Just keep up the good work and I can’t complain.


That’s the problem with picking up shoujo that attracts fangirls: you get a lot of whiners who don’t appreciate quality work and real life. They need to broaden their reading experience and maybe do some school work.
But, there are a lot of fans of TP out there not like that and we even like you not just for SLH or BnK. ;)

I’m glad that you haven’t dropped any of your shoujo material out of frustration. Thank you for all of your effort and releases.


I’m a lurker popping up to say this: honestly, I’m glad to see updates of your series that I’m following, especially in such gorgeous quality. I’m sorry you guys have to put up with some thankless fans who don’t appreciate how much time and attention you guys put into your work, and that they ought to be glad someone is doing these series at all.

Keep on keeping on, and haters gonna hate. You guys rock!


Pfft, who does things like that? It is SO ANNOYING when my prescious providers are haggled. It just makes the over all moral go down and then if the project gets dropped or something they only have themselves to blame. And we’ll all blame them as well. >.> On a merrier tune, I’ve never read slayers before. I’ve been thinking about it, why not start with a Doujinshi? :3


Pfft – ignore those losers. Take your time and do what you want. You guys do an awesome job at what you do – and in the end, it’s about what you want to post and scan, not us – we just leech off of you guys ? WITH LOVE THOUGH! Really. C: So thanks for putting up with us – and take your time – we appreciate whatever we get! ? C:


wtf people.

stay quiet, say thanks, or learn japanese.


Ooooh, I so want to read more Barajou no Kiss.
Work hard! ^_^

I know it’s not that easy, though.
I’m working on my own projects… :P


Thanks for the Slayers doujinshi release! It looks great.

I hadn’t been keeping up with all the comments on SLH, so I hadn’t realized what was going on. Sorry to hear you’re getting such rubbish from the whiners! I agree with seven: “Stay quiet, say thanks, or learn Japanese.”

You guys do amazing work. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent!


hahahaha, pretty sure you know who this is. If you need me to cut a b*@&h, I’m mexican, you know I can do it ^_^. Sorry I haven’t brought you Burger King yet, but I’ll get around to it. If you need it, you know where I live. Love you guys (not in a creepy stalker way)keep up the hard *cough* work *cough* ;D
Stalker #3


oh god how can ppl be so heartless ???
u ppl work so hard and they dont even thank u for it!!!
You guys are doing a fabulous job …. and keep up wid it >.<
luv u all *KISS*