Day three (of twelve) – Icyhot!

The quality of a CCS doujin is reflected by the amount of blushing contained therein… right?

Going into this post, ignore two points. First, ignore that I am not Reb. Second, ignore that this is the second CCS doujin in a row. Come on, you love it anyway, don’t you? That’s what I thought! Has anyone ever noticed it’s usually Sakura doing all the talking in these doujins?

Download Cardcaptor Sakura Doujinshi: Rakka Ryuusui

Anyway, more Patisserie, with scans (again, I believe) by Tinuleaf @ Livejournal. In this story… Syaoran is worried. THE END!

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yeah yeahhhh yeahhhh! we love it !! thank you soooo much again for this new release !!!! thankss for the hard work !!!


YAY!!! another ccs doujin. if it was me i would do all 12 days of ccs :3

thanks for the hard work and the new releases!


Not sure if we’re allowed to post thank you comments here but ah wells. Thanks for scanning these CCS dj I personally think that they’re super cute and a fun read. So Turtle Paradise awesome as usual. :D Thank you~