You want SLH? You can’t handle SLH… CHAPTER 9!

Surprise! Yamashina’s the dark and mysterious character in this mango. (O Yamashina <3)

This chapter… THIS CHAPTER. I stayed up all night editing those damned introductory pages, but that might have more to do with the fact that I’m using a computer that’s older than the dirt under my fingernails. Woe, I mourn my laptop. (Still.)

THIS CHAPTER. HAS YAMASHINA. And Gai. AND YAMASHINA. And Gai. And cake, traps, and girly times at the mall. Take that as you will, I suppose. Hell, between Gai and Yamashina at each other’s THROATS, and Ren FREAKING THE HELL OUT, that alone makes this chapter worth reading.

Oh. And the credits page. Heeheehee.

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On that note, happy birthday, Vanessa-chan. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. /pimp

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Thanks for the chapter!
The description seems awfully energetic, so I’m looking forward to reading it~


Thank you for the hard work on this new chapter!! Just love this series! :D


Great chapter!
Thanks :*


Yamashima is so serious. And awesome. Seriously awesome. And nothing ever throws him off hi game…

But nice showing from all three of the “main” guys, fwee. x3 Beautiful as always, thank you tp~


Thank you so much!
I’m freaking addicted to this series. Cliche mangas just never get old. If it is one that is.


OH OH OH OH MY GODD…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!I waited for a millenium hours to onths to year [exaggerate] for this chapter!


OH OH OH OH MY GODD…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!I waited for a millenium hours to onths to year [exaggerate] for this chapter!

Try 34 days, dipshit!


SLH is great, but what about LAST chapter of OMAMORI no KAMI-SAMA??????????????????
I’m waiting for it three weeks! 3 LONG WEEKS!
There’s only one chapter left, so… PLEASE!

Tom the Mighty

Sorry for refusing to work on shoujo. Have a pita!

Ahahaha. I’m sorry I’m taking out my anger out here. I’m just simply BORED. Nothing really interesting came out in the last three weeks (or more I think). Besides the anime series I watch every week there wasn’t anything new for manga I read. No new Skip Beat, Vampire Knight, nor Kaichou wa Maid-sama or Strobe Edge and others, I even have read the newest chapter of Bakuman… From all those written up here I really like manga with pretty art the best! P.S. I am poor high school girl living in a country where things like manga aren’t even… Read more »

Surprise! Yamashinas the dark and mysterious character in this mango. <——- mango? …interesting..


Hehe, Kito was born on the same day as me! He should be Leo, not Virgo…


Hi! I’m so glad I found the Chapter 9! at least, it made my heart lighter. you know, my mom’s away from me and it really, REALLY made me happy. Thank you so much! Aishitemasu. :DD [i dunno if i said it right, i’m learning to love niponggo myself!] either way, i love you. More power and God bless you.


i heard u need more staff, i can be a translator if u got some chinese scans=3
but i should warn u that i can read chinese, but im def not as good as other ppls out there><"" and when i finally learn enough japanese i could help with japanese scans too~


Thanks for working so hard
keep up the great work