Happy… late monday? SLH ch. 8 & Omamori ch. 8!

Ishizaka’s a smooth operator. You’ll only catch him in the act if he WANTS you to catch him in the act.

I just realized that last week all we released were chapter sevens, and this week it’s chapter eights. What’s up with that? Greets all, and welcome to Tuesday’s installment of Monday’s releases. Wait… what? Yeah, sorry ’bout that. I got sick yesterday and, well, there were some things I wanted to take care of before we released this week. On to the goods!

Another new chapter of Omamori?! You got it, and the plot keeps on a’rollin’. Intrigue? In MY moe-mori? It’s more likely than you’d think! Also, Ishikawa-sensei is AMAZING. Even if this is the ONLY TIME they ever say his name. OTL Typesetting by Zippy, editing by Shinigami, and QC’d by Clov3r and Melfra!

Read Omamori no Kamisama ch. 8 online
Download Omamori no Kamisama ch. 8

And next up, a new chapter of SLH! Already!? That’s right! We’re trying our damndest to pick up the pace on this one because, uh… Hell, we feel like it. And you get to reap the benefits! AND MAYFEST IS FINALLY OVER THANK GOD. Typesetting credits go to Zippy (BUSY GIRL =D), editing by Shinigami (equally busy!), and QC’d by Clov3r and Melfra (even MORE BUSY!)

Read SLH ch. 8 online
Download SLH ch. 8

Incidentally, that wraps up volume 2. On to volume 3, our favorite in the bunch! Ah, also, we’ve got a small re-release of chapter 7… Melly and I discovered that we had the opening color page all along, only we’d misplaced it! JOY! And it’s probably my favorite image from SLH, so have at ye. =3

Read SLH ch. 7 online
Download SLH ch. 7
Download affected pretty page only

In addition to which, I edited a line in ch. 6 for clarification. (The scene with Shizuka and Cain directly after Hiyoki flees A-Hall.) It’s minor, but it should clarify some confusion on the point. The change is outlined at the beginning of ch. 8. (lawl, oh god, this is technically ver. 3, isn’t it? WIN!)

Read SLH ch. online
Download SLH ch. 6
Download affected cryptic page only

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a nap, or some such. ENJOY! (The reader will be updated a bit later.)



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