New Poll Time!

Last poll, we asked what types of “comics” (for lack of a better universal word; well, maybe graphic novel would work but ;lsdfj) you liked reading. Of the participating voters, 35% said they read a mix (I still don’t even know what I meant by that, lol), 30% read manhwa or manhua, while only 28% stick exclusively to manga. Brining up the rear, 7% of voters claim to read NA comics and graphic novels. You guys should go read Fables. It’s awesome.

And with those results posted, it’s time for the next poll! I’m maintaining the status quo by posting crap no one cares about, gais. But it being a Monday, it’s fairly relevant.

[poll id=21]

If anybody has any poll suggestions, pitch ’em at me with a comment or PM, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

Worry not, the Monday releases will be coming later today. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!
Also, for the last time: Do not ask when new chapters are coming out! We release chapters as soon as they’re done. If it’s not out, it’s not finished. THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE, PPL. Going to ignore everyone else asking this now, kbye



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