Wild Arms Flower Thieves Ch. 3?! MADNESS!


Am I the only one who’s noticed how TLDR Reb’s posts have gotten lately? I mean, it’s fine for a translator to be verbose and all but COME ON! So I’ve decided to be generous and usurp her position as release..announcing…person for the day. Because apparently, even Twitter (follow us!) can’t contain my epic Maxi-lust. But don’t worry, guys. I saved my fangirling for the QC thread, so you don’t even have to wade through it! (AREN’T I SWELL?!)

Download Flower Thieves chapter 3: “J’Aime Obéir”
Or read it online!

For those of you craving less happy news, Onemanga closed its reader today. Truly, a sad day =( But they’re not gone yet, contrary to what every fear-mongering leech out there says, and their closing does not herald the end of scanlations. At least, I don’t think it does… But it pains me to think of all the people who are going to flock to that (cough) awful other reader site. WHY MUST THE GOOD GO YOUNG?!



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