We dropped the ball… AGAIN!


Due to my own piss-poor foresight, we won’t be having a release today. (/weep) Just in case you all were wondering.

See you next week!


9 thoughts on “We dropped the ball… AGAIN!

  1. Owabasephhhhhhhh says:

    lol, at first i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and then that face made me lol, so it’s all gooddd. ^ ^” Thanks so much for not quitting on us <3 It's Much appreciated

  2. Allaiyah says:

    Oh yes, I read in a prior post’s responce to me that Slayers is a favorite of the group. I’m hoping someone here knows something LIKE Slayers as well. I know of Gokudo, Orphen, Dragon Half, & I guess Master of Mosquiton 99 is a like it too because of the cast.

    I also read the list of Slayers Mangas on Wikipedia & I guess Light Magic is the very last one that you haven’t already translated? :( Unless you count the lite novels Tokyopop never did before they dropped the series.

    Lina is so badass! There just aren’t enough characters like her in manga.

  3. Train/Shinji says:

    the only thing i can tell you is “thank you” you guys are doing a great job translating evangelio gakuen datenroku, thats one of my favorite mangas nowadays thank you very much!

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