release dates and Wild Arms and Eva, OH MY

Don't make any sudden movements. There is a chicken on your head.
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If you’ve ever heard of the Wild Arms series of RPGs, raise your hand! Oh, for the love of-

Listen, I’m not bitter that Final Fantasy is more popular than Wild Arms, okay? I’m not- oh who am I kidding, I’m totally bitter. Stupid Final Fantasy

Er, anyway. Today we have a release nearly half of the staffers have had some part in it. Honorable mentions go to Maru, Shirozaki, Shin, Reb, Zippy, and probably some other people I’m forgetting because lawdy did this one take forever. I know the 1st chapter is listed as three parts, but the breaks are so weird we crammed them together for a 60-ish page release. Birdcage complex, I guess. TAKE THAT! Also, the best part about Flower Thieves is that, despite the title, the only relation to the games is purely thematic, so anyone looking for some good action or western goodness can jump right in. I suggest giving it a shot for the fabulous art alone!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the corner shrieking like a fangirl because OH GOD I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS DAY

Download Wild Arms Flower Thieves vol.1 ch.1.1-1.3

Now that I’m done with my Wild ARMs fangirling, we also have chapter 18 of Evangelion blah blah blah Datenroku up for grabs, aaand… I really don’t have a lot to say about that, actually. It’s Eva. /shrug

Download Neon Genesis Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku v.4 ch.18

And for the question that I’m sure only a couple of people are wondering about and no one cares enough to ask… yeah, I know we said Fridays were new release dates, but after talking it over with Reb, we realized that, hey, a bunch of our staffers can only work weekends. What’s the point in doing a release when they’re going to be finishing stuff up the day after? So yeah. Monday it is!

You get that? New releases on Mondays!

Also, for those wondering about resizing 2 page spreads in the reader… I have an idea on how to do it, but I’m not sure how to trigger the larger image. Any ideas?

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Thank you~! So from today I have next reason to waiting for the end of weekend XD


wow … ahah, so strange. I’m playing the whole Wild Arms series right this moment ( just played WAXF / WA1 / WA2 / WA3, playing WA4 now ), and this is released, so strangeeee! x3 Thank you!


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Wild Arms!! You have made my suckish day a little less suckish! :D

-goes to poke the shineys-

phoenix dark

Thanks for the release. I have been so excited waiting for the last few eva chapters. Thanks again for your hard work I really appreciate.


Thanks for Eva chapter


…OH MY GWAD. WILD ARMS?? I… I LOVE YOU GUYS SO HARD ;^; you would not believe how much I have been wanting someone to translate Flower Thieves, since Wild ARMS is on my all time favorite RPGs.