Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku vol. 1 HQ

Betcha forgot what these two looked like, didn’tcha?

We said a while ago that we’d be picking Datenroku back up once we got a few more staff members and guess what? WE DID. Thanks to the glorious RainStride and Zippy, WE HAVE NEW DATENROKU.

Only not.

Instead we have volume 1 with a COMPLETELY re-hauled translation, so it’s pretty much as close to new as you can get, because a lot of things have changed this time around. (Chapter 4 in particular – that one’s like a completely different beast now. I hang my head in shame.) So if it’s been a long time since you last read it, you can go hit up the new reader and at least check this volume out.

Download Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku vol 1 (HQ)

THERE, YA HAPPY!? We’re gonna zip on forward to volume 4 to wrap the series up in the near future and fix volumes two and three sometime in the meantime. (Volume 2 might come before volume 4, just because volume 2’s been scanned in and volume 4 hasn’t, but that has yet to be seen.)

On a related note, this series has been licensed by Dark Horse and is slated to be released sometime this fall, so you guys better go out and buy that, dammit. Because Dark Horse’s quality is like, homg GODLY. (Just don’t compare the translations, ‘kay? I’d… I’d cry.)



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