Barajou no Kiss extra chapter… and a reader!

Guess who’s got cream puffs?

Today, I bring you not one, but TWO pieces of awesome! Ranked in order of how awesome I think they are. Or not. YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!

First of all, we bring you the special chapter of Barajou no Kiss, entitled “24 Hours with the Roses” or something like that. It hasn’t been published in any volumes, and it might not be, since it was an Asuka special chapter. That’s still great though, right? Right. It’s worth giggles at least!

Second! (and maybe the most awesome but that’s for you to decide!) I’ve spent the last week whipping up an online reader for the site, so now you can read our releases… online! It’s designed in the same style as the forum, so don’t worry if the page looks quite a bit different from the main. Chapters 1 and 2 of Barajou (and the first three volumes of Evangelion Datenroku) aren’t online currently because they’re all pending re-release.. more info on that later! For now, consider the reader in beta, and if you find any problems at all, please say so in this post so I can fix ’em!

Visit Turtle Paradise’s Online Reader!
Or download the special chapter of Barajou no Kiss!




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