Omamori no Kamisama vol1ch01

At least Mimori’s cute.

Another one of our new projects~!? HOLY CRAP. Well, it’s hella easy, and kinda fluffy, and… Melly likes it? That doesn’t stop me from wanting to pimp-slap Matsuri to the ends of the universe, though.

Download Omamori no Kamisama vol 1 ch01 – Matsuri’s Omamori

And if you don’t know what an Omamori is… You don’t know how to use links. HAH! HOW’S THAT TASTE!? Bah. Enjoy, shoujo fans.

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Thank you for this chapter, it was really cute ;) Mimori is just adorable!

Yasmin J

Thanks for the chapter! I’m loving to story so far! I hope the story get’s even better! =D