Barajou no Kiss v2 ch09

Way to kill the conversation, Anise.

This month’s chapter of BARAJOU! In this chapter! We have INTRIGUE! ROMANCE (okay, not really)! And ACTION! We also get a LOT of answers to a lot of different questions at once, so… Yeah, it’s pretty much awesome, I’m just sayin’.

Download Barajou no Kiss chapter 09: Bloody Heroine

Enjoy the chapter! If you liked the chapter, we could always use more donations to help pay for the server bills and new materials to translate. (And believe me, we’ll be getting more soon!)


9 thoughts on “Barajou no Kiss v2 ch09

  1. craxx says:

    OMG. I just read all of the chapters released by you guys. It’s AWESOME! Thank you for scanlating the series! *kidnaps Kaede and hides him in her closet*

  2. otaku_vzla says:

    so great!!! hey guys im from south america, and i’m starting a new fansubbing club but from english to spanish.. because i still haven’t seen this awesome manga in spanish..and that kills me (xD) so i was wondering if we coul reach some sort of deal to help each other.. because we need some scanlations in english so that we can translate them…anyways here is my email : … please write me..thanks!!!

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