I’m going to make this short since my posts always end up too damn long =D The progress for Barajou no Kiss has been slow as usual (I’m a full time student with a job on top! Cut me some slack!), but we’ve got some good news! Volume 1 is going to be released on 4/25, and volume 2 has a date of 5/26. I guess they ran into some printing hiccups or something xD Anyway, after those are released we’ll finally be getting stuff out in a timely manner, so no more waiting of, like, 100 days again.. ;_;

Can I pacify anyone with this? Er, no?

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One thought on “I’M GOING TO GET LYNCHED

  1. GLMeadow says:

    Thanks so much for the image, and even more for the timeline! It’s great to know that this project hasn’t been dropped or anything. I totally understand; it’s really tough being a full-time student with a job too (I’m in the same boat).
    Best of luck with the releases and everything, and thanks again!

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