Slayers – Knight of Aqua Lord ch. 11 (end of vol. 2)


IT’S BEEN A WHILE, YES? Yes, yes it has. Oh, so long. The gang’s up to their usual hijinks in this chapter…. uh, well, no, not really. No, they’re not. BUT HEY, WHO CARES. IT’S A NEW CHAPTER.

Download – Slayers Knight of Aqua Lord ch. 11: LOST in the Forest of Phantasms

Melly keeps telling me I’m a terrible, horrible person for leaving this chapter wait for so long. I tend to agree. *hangs head in shame* FEEL FREE TO PUBLICLY STONE ME, I DESERVE IT! Oh, BTW, we’ve got the full volume download for Volume 2 up too, for those of you who have resolved to download the whole thing in one shot. xD


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